Little did she know the Giovanni was watching her through the mirror. The footman ran into the room Giovanni was in, on the other side of the mirror.
    "This is the girl?" Giovanni asked.
    The footman looked at him and replied, "Yes, sir. It is."
    "So, she wants to work for me," Giovanni smiled. "Well, I don't need anyone with computers. Perhaps she could be a good thief. I need some more pokèmon."
    "Sir, what about your experiments? You've been searching for a fragile young girl. She looks fragile to me," the footman said.
    "Ahh, yes.. My experiments. If she would be a good thief, she'd be even better with the pokemon we are working with next."
    "Which one is that, sir?"
    Giovanni whistled and the door opened. A meowth standing on two feet walked in the room.
    "You wanted me, boss?"
    "Yes, Meowth. Come here."
    The talking meowth walked up to Giovanni and jumped on the table in front of him. He smiled a bit, knowing that he was Giovanni's favorite Pokemon.
    "Well, what can I do for you, sir?" Meowth asked.
    Giovanni petted Meowth, "Nothing. I just wanted you to come in here."
    Meowth started purring and the footman looked to Giovanni, "Him, sir?"
    "Yes. The meowth DNA will be next."
    Meowth looked at Giovanni curiously, "What?"
    "Nothing, Meowth. But may I have a strand of your magnificent fur?"
    "Anything for you, Boss."
    Giovanni petted Meowth a bit harder and pulled out a few strands of old hair. Then he handed the hair to the footman.
    "You know what to do with this."
    "Yes, sir," and with that, the footman left the room.
    Giovanni sighed, "Well, Meowth. What do you think of that girl over there?"
    Meowth looked into the next room, "Very beautiful, boss."
    "And you're the best-looking pokemon I have. What do you get when you mix a beautiful girl with a great pokemon?"
    "Uh.. I dunno, Boss. What do you get?"
    Giovanni grinned, "We'll find out in a few days.."