Jordana remained in that room until finally Giovanni walked in, holding Meowth and petting him in his arms. She looked to Giovanni with a smile, glad to finally meet him.
    "So, you're Jordana, I presume?" Giovanni asked her.
    "Yes, sir. That would be me," she replied.
    "Well, I have looked over your offer. I'm afraid that we don't have a opening in the field you want. But, we do have something else we would like you for.."
    "What is that, sir? Please, don't let me go into the poaching business. Mom would kill me if I started stealing. I promised her I never would."
    "Don't worry. We won't make you steal. I want you in the lab. Don't worry, you'll be told what to do and no one will leave you by yourself if you don't want. But, I have to have your permission before you go in there. And you must promise you will never tell others our plans."
    "The lab, sir? I guess I could work there. I've heard how great your lab is," she paused for a second. "Yes, you have my permission and I promise I won't give away any secrets. But so you'll trust me, can I not go in today until I call my mom. I told her I would call when I got here."
    "Sure. You can go call your mom. You can use my own personal phone if you'd like. Then, we can get you to business. The sooner you start, the better."
    "Yes, sir!" she said happily.
    "My phone is in the office down the hall. You can call her there. Then come right back here."
    She did as she was told and went down the hall to call her mom. She picked up the phone and dialed her number.
    Her dad picked up,"Hello?"
    "Hi Dad, it's Jordana."
    "Hey girl. Rosa! Jordana's on the phone!"
    A muffled "Ok" was heard in the background.
    "So, how ya doing, kiddo?" Her father asked.
    "I'm great. But that job I wanted, it's taken.. He's going to give me a better job though, in the lab," she replied.
    "Oh.. just as long as you don't do anything you know you shouldn't."
    "I won't, Daddy. Can I talk to Mom?"
    "Sure. Hold on. Rosa!"
    Then her mom took the phone, "Hi Jordana."
    "Hi Mom. And how are y'all doing?"
    "We're fine. You are too?"
    "Yes, ma'am."
    "So, you're in Viridian?"
    "Yes, ma'am. I'm in Giovanni's office."
    "Well, you behave yourself. And you stay in touch, you hear?"
    "Yes, ma'am. I will."
    "Alright, well, I'll talk to you later."
    "Ok. Love you, Mom."
    "Love you, too."
    "Bye," and she put down the phone.
    She left the office and went back to the room she was in, where Giovanni was sitting, petting Meowth.
    "I called her, sir," Jordana said.
    "Ready to get started?" Giovanni asked
    "Yes, sir."
    "Then follow me. And remember your promise and your agreement."
    "Yes, sir."
    Giovanni stood up and walked out the door with Jordana following close behind him. He took a few turns and then ended up in front of two large metal doors. He stopped and looked to Jordana.
    "Well, here we are. Are you ready to go in?" he asked.
    "Yes, I am."
    He pushed the door opened and motioned for Jordana to go in. She walked in with him behind. Then he got in front of her and led her to a table and a few scientists.
    "To join, you'll have to go through some tests, to see if you're healthy enough to be here. We don't want germs spreading in here.. You know what we mean.."
    "Yes, sir. I understand perfectly."
    "So just lay down on the table and they'll get started."
    She sat down on the medical table, then lied down. She watched as they gave her some gas to make her sleep. Soon, her eyelids started getting heavy.. Then, she fell asleep.