The scientists didn't give her health tests.. They tied her down and injected her with a syringe of some sort of chemical. The stuck the syringe in her arms and legs, secreting the chemical into her blood stream. The leading scientist looked to Giovanni.
    "Sir, this is our fourth subject. We'll give her a couple of days and you'll see the changes. The injections should be working with her DNA now. We're going to put her in a room for test subjects. Come back in a few days and she should be ready for you, sir," the scientist said.
    Giovanni nodded, "You take care of her. She has a bit of Meowth in her.. so now she has a bit of me. I want her treated almost like you would treat me. Got it?"
    "Yes, sir."
    "Very well.. I shall see her in a couple of days," Giovanni said and left the lab.
    The scientists rolled the table into a small room, kind of like a hospital room, and put her onto the bed.
    "You heard the boss. We're to take care of her. You have your shifts, come in and check on her every now and then," the lead scientist said.
    So, she was watched after and cleaned up. Within the first 24 hours, she had a fully grown tail, cat ears, and a gold coin in the middle of her forehead. They came in and shined her coin and helped her tail to curl like Meowth's. Then within the next 24 hours, she had grown fur and her hands got swollen and changed to cat paws. She was programmed to awake when all the changes were finished.. that afternoon, she woke up.
    She sat up in her bed and pulled up the sheets. She looked out the window that was beside her bed. It was raining.. How dull. Then she looked at the cat like thing in her window. She screamed and a scientist ran in.
    "What, ma'am?" he asked, worried
    "The..The cat thing.. in my window.." she backed away from the window. "It's gone now."
    "Miss.. that cat like thing.. It was you," he said to her.
    "It was not! I don't have cat, " she started feeling her head, "cat ears?!"
    She looked all over herself.. "Paws?! A tail?! A Gold coin!! I'm a meowth!!"
    "No, ma'am. You're a meowth hybrid. A mixture of a meowth and a human. You have everything you had when you were a human, plus a few cat parts as well.. And cat reflexes and instincts."
    She extended her claws and looked at them, "So, what am I to do? I won't be accepted anywhere! I'm a monster!"
    "Miss, you're the fourth one to be made.. Eventually, there will be others. Giovanni really likes you, so he wanted you to be like his precious Meowth. You honestly don't look bad, Miss."
    "I'm sorry.. but your opinion doesn't matter to me! Your whole group lied to me.. Why should I believe you now?!"
    "Miss, calm down."
    "This is too much, and I won't calm down!!"
    She slashed his face with her claws as Giovanni walked into the room.
    "Well, she is feistier than when I first saw her. She has more spunk. Perhaps the meowth in her did that. Meowth does have a tendency to scratch those who annoy him," Giovanni said."
    "You!" Jordana pointed a claw at Giovanni. "You're the reason I'm like this! I can't go out in public ever again thanks to you!"
    "Jordana, calm down. There is no reason to be shouting mad."
    "Yeah there is! I'm one big reason! Giovanni, I have paws with retractable claws! I have a tail and fur and pointed cat ears! Now, you tell me there isn't a reason! I'm telling the police what you're doing!"
    "Uh-Uh.. You promised.. I thought all good girls kept their promises."
    She fell back and sat down on the bed, "Giovanni.. I'm not going to be accepted in real life.. People will shun me, scream at me, call me names.. I want to be normal again."
    "There is no cure for what you have."
    "So, what am I to do?"
    "You can stay with me. We are proud of our hybrids and we take good care of them. And you were made from the best cat I have, Meowth. He's the best pet I have. I was wanting you to be just as close to me as he is."
    "You like the way I look?"
    "You're still a magnificent creature. You were a beautiful girl. Cats are beautiful as well. So your transformation didn't make you ugly. It merely made you even more beautiful. I have a few tests I would like you to take, so we can see how you have changed. Then, we will give you a choice on what you want to do."
    She nodded her head and looked to Giovanni sadly, "My mom.. she'll disown me after this.. She hates pokemon.. Many have destroyed our life. Now that I am part pokemon.."
    "I'm sure you're mom will still love you. If she doesn't, you will always have a family here."
    With that, Giovanni left the room with the scratched up scientist. Jordana turned back to the window, watching the rain and staring at her new appearance.