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This is Jay's work. He's a great RPer to chat with. Here's his work.

Short Stories

Bakufun TF Jay's 1st work. PKM TF. November 11, 2000

Flareon TF   Takes place in N.Y.C. '_' A small part though, but I like! December 28, 2000

Raichu TF 3rd part of his 'series'. January 30,2001

PKHT Chat TF Sequences

Yes Jay, I saved them for a reason.. To show you ppl(people)!

Yorunkusu TF, Moltres TF, Kitsu TF.-Part 1. December 28, 2000

Lugia TF, Zapdos TF, Meganium TF.-Part 2. January 30, 2001