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RP Story Starters 1/30/2001

Jay originally had to do these on an ASAP basis while RPing. o.o I took the time to make short stories focusing on a PKH TF sequence, to RP the char(s) in them.

Lapras TF / Mew TF / Ratatta TF

RaichuTF Back in the days of the trio.. Myself, Chrystal, and Robby. 2-3 years ago.

PKHT: Saga One-Origin 

This has been my series, of my imagination. They have been around since I have first invented pokehybrids, back into November of '98 to December '98. They may be modified for the current time I type them, but 4/5 chapters were written down. Now, from chapter 5 onward, it's from 2000 onward. Through 1999/1998, I got into RPing, met Chrystal, Robby, Robyn, and Jay. '_- Read on.. NOTE: The year that this takes place, is late 1998.

UPDATE: Revamped all older chapters, so that it would stay in the past-tense, and have an intro to Chapter 1. Oh and the Chap 7 is up. Instead of the long name, i'll go by my 6+ Saga system of my chara's story. I feel like writing again! n.n though more motivation would be superb.


Chapter 1- Fire and Ice 

My "debut". What should I do? Should I stay as a PokeHybrid Hunter?

Created April 14th, 2000. FINAL VERSION: December 17th, 2003


Chapter 2- I've Seen Fire and I've Seen Rain...

Misty's entrance to the scene. A reunion in turmoil. Enough said...

Created June 21st 2000. FINAL VERSION: December 23rd, 2003


Chapter 3- A Pikachu...No! It Can't Be!

Enter, the Pokemon Master of 1998. Ash.

Created August 29th, 2000. Last Modified February 18nd, 2001.


Chapter 4- Comfort From The Void...

Ash and Misty closer, the enemy cometh, and comfort from the unknown.

Created February 2nd, 2001. Last Modified August 2nd, 2002. 


Side Story 01- Misty and Ash's Song

Call it a duet if you will. The two show their love toward one another.

o_o; This will be linked to the storyline, once I get a copy of Misty's Song. Yeah. L-a-z-y.


Chapter 5- A Friendly Confrontation?

A city of PKHs, and a old "friend" has bad blood against me.

July 23rd, 2001 11:00PM Modified August 2nd, 2002


Chapter 6- The Roots Of One's Evil

My past is revealed, how the entire downward spiral of my inner self began.

August 3rd, 2002 5:30AM Bout damn time, doncha think? Let it be up to my birthday to type...


Chapter 7- Ambush! Rockets Are Coming!

Being at the right place at the wrong time. All hell breaks loose.

December 17-20th, 2003 To those who notice this, O.o i'm almost done, plz dun look!


Chapter 8 - Anguish and Despair

All of us has to help out anyone we can, but... this will prove to be tough...

NOT in a year, 2004