Jace sits quietly, enjoying being lazy on her bed. She's a bit on the chubby side, wearing a brown shirt that clings to her frame, and grey denim shorts torn at the knee. Orange nails greet her weary eyes. Her eyes widen at the vibration of her cell phone pocket. Pressing a few buttons, she realizes that she can't be too comfortable anymore.

     Energy surges within her body. Slipping away from the normal lethargic nature she is used to, she moves her arms and legs above the sheets. Unable to contain it, she shouts out loud, happy to be different for some time. Her voice is on the deep side, speaking loudly in amazement and of the recollection of those good feelings.

"Eyaaaah! Unnnnnnh! Oh yes this is great!"

     With the affirmation, her changes begin. The first thing is a lump poking at her shorts. She knows what exactly would be coming from there, so no effort is made to pull the shorts away from view. Instead, she presses down around her rear, so the new limb can be felt at every which way when it exists past her body. Thicker and longer the protrusion grows. She can feel her tail wrap around itself in a circle, holding back from the instincts to be freed. Why comply when she can have fun resisting?

"H...huh... Ohhhhh... I....it wants to come out... It... M-my tail wants to grow... Unnnnnnh! Please grow out!"

     It gets warm at the seat of her pants- a bulge tightening her tail against her body. She feels a furred coil of flesh slide against her knees, rubbing against her legs. Orange fur coats the inch thick tail, standing out against her body. While Jace rediscovers how her tail works, the tip of her tail juts out larger. There should be pain with the end of her tail growing, with a protrusion of a lightning bolt a foot long and a foot wide. However, she is delighted to see its yellow color, and feels like rubber instead of furred skin. The tip of it presses down at the base of her shorts, slowly forming a tear.  The bolt moves slowly away from her body, leaving a particularly black chord of flesh as it goes. It's covered in black colored skin, and creaks as it whips into the air.

"Gooooood… Gooorh…"

     The eager gal sits up, gripping her lengthening tail with her hands and feet. She presses down on the tail, making her sweat and shout at the good feelings her tail are shooting down her body. As she does this, her feet quickly expand, growing wider, removing the human curves that their sides should have. As this happens, her toes start to meld with the other, the smaller 4 toes of each foot growing webbing, and then stuck together. She attempts to wiggle them, but only three toes poke at the length of her tail slipping off of her hands. Her human nails recede slightly, jutting outward to blunt white claws. Her toes are now a large 3-toed Raichu paw, with her lengthening feet arching as they keep a good hold on the tail.

"UNNNNN! Y-Y-Yeeeeeees! Ohhhhhh!"

     Slipping past her hands, her tail grows out from her grip, still growing longer at 4…5 feet long. The sound of balloons rubbing into contact is heard as her feet gain the same Rubbery attribute as her tail. The toes are now brown and 4 inches long, while the rest of her feet are orange and easily 30 inches long at this exact moment. Pants escape her lips as the endorphin rush from the inhuman part of her hybrid form gets stimulated to the point of making it her focus of transforming.  A setback quickly derails things as the door to her room swings wide open. A guy stands in the doorway, eyes wide open to see her special someone.

"Hey dearie! Texted you like 20 minutes ago and…"

"Huh…. Huh… Huh… HUHHH…"

     The man quickly moves to sit in front of her, placing his hands on her shoulders, rubbing them softly as he does what he can to maintain her happiness. She replies to this by leaning her head upon his shoulder, still making work of her tail growing longer. He doesn't mind that she's enjoying herself. As long as they're close.