Two people sit at a camp site, away from the public eye. A cloudy sky hangs overhead. One of these two, a guy in black clothes, speaks calmly, concerned for the one who summoned him. The other, tugging long black bangs of hair, listens.

"Alright, so you are sure about this miss..."

A timid voice speaks, tugging onto a frilly right sleeve.

"Jung... Eun Jung."

"Alrighty then, Eun."

     He observes the maiden, sitting on the tree stump a yard away. Straight long black hair runs down to her rear. A pair of bangs hands to the inner corner of her eyes, running down to her knees. Purple cotton covers her chest, while long strands of purple with lighter patterns hides her most sensitive areas. This same pattern covers her left arm ending in a triangular edge. A light purple halter top covers her stomach. Upon closer inspection, the purple fabric is the same but double-sided with the solid color and the pattern. 

"M...Mister Boom? Jim?", she wonders out loud.

     The middle part of her right arm is covered in purple cotton, with white frills in the end. Dark purple leggings cover her legs, connecting to wrap around the soles of her feet. Beneath that strap, white plastic soles function as footwear. Connecting all of these garments is a long black rubbery chord. Where they are connected to a bow aound her neck, a purple bow is kept tight with a little neko bell on top. Jim shakes his head, moments after the gal's words register activity.

"Oh... Don't mind me taking a look all over. I'm getting an idea on how to tweak you."

     She nods politely, either from acceptance or the drive to go through my quirks. I can't tell which. Standing before him, she wobbles on her feet from toes to heels, anxious for how everything would take place.

"Umm... Jim?" she asks. "Are you really able to make me to an..."

"A PoKeHybrid?" A grin appears from his lips. "Just watch."

     Cupping his hands together, light appears inside of his palms, shining to an orb of energy, roughly the size of a basketball. It's pink, and solid enough to not be clear. 

"Here... This will be what changes you. Are you ready for this?"

     Unbecoming of her demeanor, Eun licks her lips. Would changing her give her what she wants to be, mentally and physically? She nods after a few seconds of pondering.

"Yes! Do it!" she shouts.

     With that declaration, Jim cocks his arm back. Eun sees this and nods in agreement. The ball in his hand is thrown to her. Upon contact with her chest, it sinks into her body without a trace.

     Taking a gasp of air, Ms. Jung tries to take in what is happening to her. Long curved nails grow from her fingertips, turning black as they grow outward. Once grown to an inch longer than the norm, her hands warm up. Rubbing them together, she feels fine fur cover them. It spreads out from her hands and run up underneath her clothes. Warmth spreads out over her body. Taking a look at the changes, most of her body is in orange fur. The middle of her arms and her hands are brown, as well as her soles and toes. Beneath, she stares in amusement as her five toes meld and expand, leaving three toes on each foot. Black nails grow out of the toes as she wiggles them quickly. She feels a long limb making it's presence known, swaying against her thighs. Turning to see it, she sees brown triangles on her thighs. A furry black tail slides along the floor, curving to be raised into the air. It's end opens up to a rigid yellow fuzzy thunderbolt. The bolt tip is 3 feet long while the black part of her tail is 5 feet long. She raises her hands to her cheeks, feeling rough felt pads form. Small crackles of electricity emit from there as she pets the yellow circles. Wiggling her nose, she sniffles as her nose pulls in to a cute black button. Up above, she pets her ears as they expand. The outer edges of the 2 foot tall ears are black, while it's golden yellow within their very much Raichu shapes. "Raaaaai..." she whispers as the changes feel complete, granting a sense of freedom. 

     Getting used to the form, she walks slowly, feeling the weight of her tail adjusting her weight. A smile forms on her face as her feet quickly depart from the ground. "Up here!" Jim looks up, and sees her waving happily, a PKH, able to be as swit as her mind wished it would be. He departs with a wave, knowing that she'd enjoy the new path life is presented to her.