The pokemon world has been a safer place for the most part. Where I live, Kanto, is safe for humans and PoKeHybrids co-existing. But in some locations, like Sinnoh, it was as bad as Kanto was 13 years ago. Mounting progress is slow when it comes to brute force against ruthless opposition. House calls, however? They have proven to be rewarding to help hybrids to feel better with themselves. I could remember one of them like it is just happening…
       Things are interesting while I wait in front of a house sitting at the front steps. A particular shifter, "cursed" to be a purely cosmetic hybrid, exists without the ability to use any supernatural techniques. Whether or not mysticism exists is irrelevant to me. I have built up rapport as a friend to him. If he is in fact old as he says, I wonder what he thinks of me as a fellow hybrid- something he needs more than anything. The neighborhood is filled with only humans. He must be seeking a normal life. And here I am, trying to get him to enjoy what he is. I'm donned in a black trench coat, black cotton sweater, black jeans, black boots, and sunglasses covering my eyes. Under my shirt, it's padded with an armored vest. Black hair sways in the wind parted down the middle. I'm Jim, the PoKeHybrid Trainer.
       I see the surprised expression on my client's face, pedaling to the house. The bike looks old- weathered by constant use and for the times he had shifted while heading home from his overnight security job. Having never met another hybrid made him quite secluded. He certainly didn't anticipate me waiting on him. The tires of the bike screech abruptly as his voice rises to a panic. "H… Hey… Wasn't expecting you to be around now…"
       "Hey!", I say, rising to my feet for a polite wave. "Nice dawn we are having." I pull on my black book bag, previously hidden from view while sitting. My reasoning for being here is to make this day a special one for him, hoping that I put my rapport to good use.
       "I told you to not come over at this time of day!", he yelps out, ready to push me aside and retreat inside his home.
       Planning can only go for so long. I need to nip this in the bud before I am ousted. "It's alright, really. Please, can I come in, Reyn? I'd want to do something to make you feel all the more better. Why else have I been waiting here for a few hours?"
       He grunts, sounding upset. "Listen. I really don't want to hang out like that!" Fortunately I see him hesitate, thinking for a moment. "Nnngh…" A sigh. "F… Fine… But just for a little while." he says, unlocking the front door. "But you better bail the moment I tell you to, alright?"
       I nod, following him inside. "Understood. Lead the way."
       Stepping inside, it is obvious that Reyn keeps himself hidden from any chance of seeing his alternate form. All of the lights are only in the middle of his rooms. Every window has curtains and blinds blocking the moonlight outside. "Don't you laugh at the windows!" he says while I approach one of them. "I uh… Need those blinds!"
       "With the things I have fought and things I have seen…" I exhale and smirk as a hand touches some of the blinds. "…Someone interested in privacy is something I am totally okay, with. It ain't easy, but you don't gotta be ashamed like in the past."
       He doesn't appear to be convinced while we make our way upstairs. "Well words are fine and dandy… " The sun looks really close to be entering the horizon with the shadows of the windows. We exchange a nod and head to his bedroom. "…I like it up there because the windows have cover flaps. Not just fabric… I… Realy like my privacy after all." Once within, my client rushes to the bathroom. I take a look around the room as I hear a shower turn on.
       The room is rather small. It's a modified attic with shut metal shades in front of the windows. A TV wired to a cable box looks relatively clean, with a computer. Seeing a button for a central air conditioner remote, I turn it on. The room gets real cold real fast. On a cork board, many newspaper clippings have bad PR and anti-hybrid propaganda plastered on them. Does he really think the world is that narrow-minded? The bed in this room is made of steel. Large steel slabs are welded head and footboards. Resting on top of the pillows, a unique flute made entirely of shells feels out of place. Reyn comes back from the bathroom, donned in a brown buttoned shirt and grey khaki's.
       I move to sit at the foot of the bed, giving a sigh of relief as I slip off the vest from under my shirts. My eyes transfix on the flute. Why would that be here unless it has some sort of meaning to his life?
       He follows my eyes, sitting by the pillows. Shaking hands grasp the flute. He sighs as he shakes his head, looking up to my face. "…Like it? I kinda hate the blasted thing. It's why I am so miserable despite how wonderful of a find it is." It looks old- crusted with coral, rare stones, with hand tooled details of waves on it. Must be before capsule technology. "Scavenged it from a ruin a long time ago. Kept it close since."
       What is with that thing? Is it cursed? Infected with a strain of a parasite? "You held onto it, but hate it like your secluded life. Why is that the case?"
      Reyn sighs as he fidgets with the flute in his hands, finding the words. He exhales, stating "Simpler times." Blowing into the mouthpiece makes a pleasant noise. I only hear a simple woodwind not too far removed from a recorder. A smile appears on his face. Clearly he finds it very soothing. However, he abruptly puts it down and continues explaining. "I used to go all around the world looking at ruins with no one but a small team of pokemon." A solemn look appears. "Rest their souls at how long it's been since I've released them. A strange abandoned shrine on an island was the last thing we did together.  T'was quite exciting to first come upon."
      "Delight must have turned to disaster as you, well, demoed the flute, huh…" I look down slightly, not wanting to find his face. The look of regret is what would find me if I did.
      "...Yeah you can guess enough. I'm not completely human and that damn flute is at fault..." He murmurs in that sudden outburst. "I put it to my lips and played it. At first it didn't sound like much, but the noise it made began to sound more and more pleasant. Since that moment, sunlight began to feel like a light burning, and...." He pauses, realizing that he had confessed what he was so afraid of. I look up to his face. There's a bit of relief as he looks at me, knowing I am not freaking out from his tale. "...then it started happening...Every day when the sun came up..."
      "Your body changes like a solar werehybrid."
      He blinks, staring at me for a few moments with wonder.
      "Well, your body undergoes a change. That's why the flute sounds heavenly to your ears." I nod, sensing the slight distraction of the saying didn't do much. Now, seems like he is ready to show me just what happens to him. "Now I know this must be uncomfortable, but here. Come closer. If you'd like, I could play the flute as you get shifted."
      The homeowner once again looks at me, surprised by such a request. "I... I never said I'd let you stay watch that!" His voice lowers out of embarrassment, but the flute in his hands gets him lost in thought. The trance breaks apart, looking at me with intent. "I... Oh god damnit..."  Suddenly, he thrusts his arm out, holding the flute for me to take "....Take it then... But...Be careful with it."
      "Once I see you fully shifted, I will have something to show you as well, fair enough?" I take the flute, bringing my right hand to position it carefully as my left is able to hold, touch, and try to alleviate discomfort of being lonely as a hybrid.
       He moves closer, resting his legs and feet on my lap. Propping himself up with his hands, he leans back slightly, resigning himself to his fate. "...Fine..." The sun's rays hits the window as the time has arrived. "MMMNNnnngh..." He whimpers quietly, knowing what will happen to him.
       The Ditto within is enjoying this scene. I'm slow to use the flute, focusing on getting a good lip position to perform notes. I let my left hand rest on his legs, petting them softly as I play long notes, getting used to playing it. Seems easy enough.
       His eyes close as a surprising whimper escapes his lips. Thighs start to bulk up, growing pudgy against my fingers. Reyn lets out a loud cry of pain, but soon the cry turns to an almost musical groan in tune with the notes as I play with increasing confidence.
       The notes are longer now as I take deep breaths. My hand slinks down to the pant leg of the thigh I was feeling, rubbing it bare as I raise the pitch of the notes.
      Even as he starts to squirm, his head sways softly. A smile parts his lips as he moans along to the tune. Based on how relaxed he is, this must be comforting him deeply.  
      Careful to not ruin a perfectly good pair of pants, he slips them off of the bed. My hand soon runs along an exposed thigh. I barely notice the shifter's face push out.  He struggles to avoid slipping off his boxers, feeling the urge to do so as his fingers grasp the elastic band. It gets harder to resist as a rather insistent tail begins to sprout from his backside. Willpower triumphs as he slips his boxers south a few inches to let the tail expand freely.  Even as moans erupt while the transformation assaults his body, the swaying of his head keeps going. Skin stretches taut. Pops are heard as the usual human definitions are being replaced by curved, rounded bulges.  Parts of his spine slowly grow out to form pairs of very wide spines- blue in color and blunt at their edges. To compensate for the added weight forming there, he arches his back with his head pointed to the wall. A painful expression is awfully present, but the notes calm him to the point of mimicry with moans. This grows unnatural as the moans rise to chirps. His jaw aches as it pushes forward, rounding his face to a peak-like protrusion, sending his teeth back into swollen gums. Many herbivore teeth sprout from his jaw, a wide tongue touching the roof of his mouth.  The tail marches on- expanding with blue spines like his back forming at the tip. It wraps around me, feeling fine motor control to not crush me with such an appendage.
      Coos are heard as I keep my playing and rubbing. Success! A noise-filled victory to say the least, but quite fulfilling to have. This TF advanced far more than what I would have anticipated, but I don't mind it at all. You seem to be appreciative that I am there and trying to make you enjoy it.
      The animalistic singing rages on, while his skin pales… going to a snowy white. The back of his head extends slightly. Unphased, or perhaps lost in the music, he doesn't flinch as spines go over his eyes, becoming a blue mask of sorts. The buttons fly off of his shirt as his arms press out longer, expanding to a mix of wings and massive human hands. He slides them beneath the bed, to press against the sturdy bed frame.  The shirt tears apart, falling behind his growing back. He presses his legs to the footboard, pressing down hard on the metal. It creaks slightly- his feet. Massive toes jut from rapidly expanding feet. He wiggles them slowly, retaining five on each foot. Blue humanistic nails greet me as I glance to each side of me. He pulls back his arms, clasping the headboard with his hands. They too have the same blue nails as his toes. And to finish coloration, his stomach turns light blue, making him look like a proper Lugia hybrid. Being 12 feet tall, arms at 7 feet long, size 15 feet, a tail half his height and a foot thick, there is barely enough room for him to lie comfortably on the bed.
       Now I know the transformation ceased- a light blue glow for his eyes appears, then fades as he chirps.  Realizing what he is doing, he blushes at how I have become so diminutive compared to him.  Reyn reaches outward, to carefully pull the flute away from my lips. After a few pants, he smiles down at me, moving his feet to rest on the bed and his arms to curl around my body in a warm hug. "Thank you." he says, voice having changed higher a few octaves. " I...hadn't changed in a pleasant manner like that for a long time."
       From my vision, I could swear that a box indicating that I raised karma appeared. Returning the gesture, I curl my hands to pat the backs of his hands softly. "I'm happy that you're feeling better. You certainly look better. "
      "...I haven't had the change ever feel that relaxing before..." is about all he can get out as the tail squeezes tighter around me.  
      It's never relaxing to go to my alternate form, but I did promise Reyn a heck of a reason for me to stick around.  I focus now, recalling my genetic memory of what I am from within. Already I feel lethargic, but a bit slippery to the touch. I slip off my shirts and my complexion has lightened up, a bit red from the looks of it. "....Ugh... I'm... Glad..." It's uncomfortable to change, but it mentally feels good to be a hybrid again. My legs quickly join right at my crotch, making my jeans and underwear to slip off of my legs. I can't grasp onto him as firmly as I did before, hands resembling mittens but made of now pink flesh. It looks translucent as a hand weakly grip the nearby hybrid. My facial features are simplifying, pulling to be two dots and a line instead of a human means of expression.
       He sees my body become a pink humanistic gel- a Ditto hybrid. The grip around my body feels loose… Then I can't feel anything, despite his thumbs pressing into my body. I see his lips move, but can't hear the sounds.
       "EEP! SO… So you really know how it is…"
      My organs pull together, including my brain, over to my chest, condensing to a hot pink orb. While that happens, the rest of my clothing slips to the floor, leaving a jello-mold of pink that was once my legs. The hairs on my head remains, but deep down I know that I should be in agony. Yet, I am not. My nerve endings, with the rest of my organs are condensed to a floating orb under pink goo. I see him giggle at the finish sight of me. A feather-like finger presses gently into my pink mass, feeling the orb within.  "...Wow you're just like a stress toy..." He snickers a bit as the finger feels the little pink sphere. I can't say anything, not having vocal chords to speak of. But, I do offer a little smile for his curiosity. The sphere itself feels rather stiff, and glows with the touch. I relax my grip, it not offering too much to be in close contact.
       The dot eyes emulate horizontal lines, closed as they focus. Time to get back to normalcy and to feel again.
       I pull up the boots, socks, jeans, and undies, and begin to slip them into my body-mass, willing my body to revert back to human form. The lower part of my body, its Ditto 'leg' portion divides, filling in the space of my boots. Feelings of pain start to settle into my body- the core opening up while not being gross to watch. I make out a small cry of pain, my face beginning to have definition, if only having lines for a mouth and dots for eyes aren't too expressive as my leg mass fills up into my jeans with their feet. Skin isn't as translucent anymore, hiding the expanding of standard human structures. Organs, bone, blood, and so on. Once finished, I lay back at the comfort that I can feel the cold footboard and his massive feet radiating heat. We exchange a smile, and figure we need a heck of a nap after that ordeal. There is a whole day to talk about what's next for rehabilitation.