It’s a nice night to have a night away from the house and get some sexy time. With the wind howling outside, the warm confines of a luxury hotel. So comfortable, that we have slipped down to our swimming wear. You have decided to wear a dark navy blue one piece, your black hair flowing from behind as long as the middle of your back. I’ve opted to don brown swimming trunks. Inside a blue tiled bathroom most of the room houses a large Jacuzzi, softly humming with warm water heaters keeping it that way. Being in a comfortable situation, I speak up breaking the silence as we look at each other.

“There we are. All good to go.” My eyes glance all over you, offering a smile. “Don't mind me looking away as you get into this.”

The timing of this event couldn’t be all the more better for you. Despite living with lycanthropy- a weredog by birth, you have learned to live with the genetic condition. Things are all planned out; you embraced the full moon almost half a month ago. There won’t be any outbreaks to disrupt the festivities here. No, all that comes to mind is a deep longing sense of lust that stems from the person you are courting. All the more better to enjoy a sexy romp at a posh hotel?

A wide smile forms in your face. “How did you find it?”

“Debit card bonus rewards”, I say with a bemused look on my face.

Desire burns from within, but it isn’t something a normal human could take the reins and think clearly about it. Is it the water? Is it the situation? Whatever the case may be, something is happening to you.

Your face cracks slightly, bone starting to adjust to something all too familiar. As we step into the water, you could smell the cleaning supplies and the soap that is making the water bubbling. Taking a look towards me, you’re able to see more of everything. Your eyes have grown. I take this as you being impressed. This makes me proud. You scoot closer with your back towards me, swearing you could feel your tailbone.

Breathing through your nose feels funny, hurting a little, as your nostrils flare. You try to think nothing of it. After all, it isn’t a full moon. Maintaining the secrecy of your condition is paramount. You play off the tailbone sensation as contact with one of the jets.

“Hey, let me make this better for you...” I say, being forward and resting my hands upon your shoulders.

Rubbing deeply into the muscles underneath your skin causes you to groan in delight. As good as it feels, you can’t help but notice toenails feeling ice cold, even though the rest of you is very warm. With my position, I can’t notice your changes. Those nails extend, curling to small black claws out of your toes, growing clumsy as they wiggle in fright. It’s hard to keep your heels flat onto thickening soles. Your face pushes out, further, darkening your nose, pushing your face out to a rounded muzzle. You’ve seen this before, but in private. The feeling of animalistic lust is permeating to the surface. And yet, with everything that is going on, I fail to see what is happening to you. I’m having too much fun make you happy to notice your ongoing changes.

Feeling the transformation, your tongue slips out of your mouth. You begin to pant, loving the feeling of your shoulders being rubbed. After only a few moments, you realize what you are doing and quickly suck your tongue back into your mouth. You know that it is a matter of time before your tongue has stretched out so long that it can’t restrain itself past your lips. Glancing down, you are thankful that I can’t notice the subtle changes happening. Biting your lip, you pray that the changes will stop, or at least slow to the point that you can excuse yourself to go to sleep early.

I keep on pressing, bringing my palms to cradle the warm exposed skin underneath my hands. Thick black pads poke out your wrinkly soles and palms, under each finger and toe, desperate to hold onto arching hands and feet, swelling into massive apricot paws. Your hands grow in conjunction with your feet, nails darkening, too big for your current form. Through your hair, you feel the lengths of elongated ears slipping outward, turning rigid as you gain control of them. Your muscles feel bigger, making your swimwear feel smaller as you expand, rising to be taller. Caught up with your happy sounds, I lean against your body, rubbing my face against your neck.

“Here…” I groan. “God you feel so good to hold close to…”

Fear robs you of speaking. Remaining silent with it being broken by pleas and moans, I don’t question was happening.

Closer still, I edge to be against your back, moving my hands down to your thighs. They thicken as you remain worried, hoping against hope that I am not noticing the beast that is forming for me. Your growing body succeeds in popping open straps of your swimwear. Your pawed hands are quick to keep it on, holding onto both pieces of fabric. On top of your rear, the “accidental” contact with you tailbone isn’t accidental anymore- straining from behind, the swimwear strains once again with the grand sensation of an alien presence. Against your skin, a thick tail arches high against your back. You could just as easily lower arms as I moved against there, but you want to keep your secret as long as you can. So it grows, cracking, thickening, wanting you to free it. You start to blush, saliva dripping from your tongue, feeling such intense desire. How much longer can you last?

“Eyah… Haaaannnnnnhhhh…” you say, digging your nails to your shoulders.

“Feeling good, huh? I’m glad.”

“N…no no… I… I… I’m so sorry… Sorrrugh… RRRRrrrrr….”

Your voice grows deeper, and the feeling of lust overpowers your sense of embarrassment. I gasp as this 4 inch thick limb gouges a hole through your clothes from behind. I feel matted, thick, fur rub against my chest. The limb moves from side to side, wagging happily. Low howls erupt from your wide-open lips. At this point, catching the moment isn’t as simple as an embrace to your hair. There is something inhuman sitting before me, clutching her chest, yipping at the feelings. 

You turn your head to look at mine. Those eyes… Massive black orbs with a hint of yellow in the center gaze at me, licking dripping lips. Despite the look of lust, I can still notice a coy grin from your muzzle. You didn’t want me to see you like this, but you can’t help yourself at this point. I try to reach over to you, but I only find water from what should have been your 10 foot tall body. You’ve leapt from the Jacuzzi and return to be on all fours on the blue tiled bathroom floor.

“Ooooo… Awoooooh.. I wantedgh… You to seeeh… This anoowwwwwwwther timegh…” It’s hard to speak as fangs are expanding from your human teeth, pearly white. 

“What the heck… This can’t be right!” I exclaim. “Look at you!”

That statement did more harm than good as I see small streams pour from the corners of your eyes. Tears… Shoot. You shake uncomfortably, letting the swimwear fall into a mess of clothes beneath you. As you shake, long tufts of fur, black fur, sprout from your body. The apricot skin you once had is covered up. Your long black hair remains, keeping its beautiful shine with the elegant fur matching it perfectly. Your hands and feet merge with nearby smaller digits, growing plump to thick meaty paws without a trace of humanity behind them. You bark loudly as your tail slowly cracks, sliding out of your body, growing, wiggling, not wanting to stop its presence of excited behavior. Trying to paw at your chest, you feel locked down on all four paws as it grows out of you, not yielding in the slightest. With paws a foot and a half long, a foot wide, a tail a foot wide and 5 long, and ending up at 12 feet tall, you make for quite the were-retriever. I sigh, reaching over to you with a hand, feeling bad for making your intuition right.

“Aw lass. I… I’m sorry. How was I supposed to react?”

You press your face to my hand, making sure to wipe your eyes with it. 

“I donnngh… Know… But… But youuurrr… Nooot… Ruunnnnghing…” you make out with your new jaws. “It’s aaahhh… Starrrrrt…”

Hopping out of the water, I scoot over to be before you. Rising up to take a hold of my shoulders, you whine softly looking at me. All I do is smile, with that tail of yours finally starting to slow down. Letting my hands press your front paw against me, I see the beginnings of a smile form on your face. Even in such a form, you still enjoy being massaged.