Many transformations have existed in all forms of media that portray it as a victim going through a traumatizing ordeal. Whether it is a physical change or a mental change, it is hard to ignore that most of these are involuntary in nature. With this in mind, can TFs have a more agreeable situation with a subject and a spectator? For reasons of storyline, fetish, dreaming, or anything else, it doesn't have to be a process that is detested. This essay will describe an option for transformations to run differently.
     Forced transformations have the benefits of suprise and spontaneous interaction with a victim. A conflict with the new self creates drama and tension. If someone doesn't see it coming, then they would act accordingly to try and resist the changes with sheer willpower and protest what is happening to them. A bystander would be the aggressor to the victim or someone at the wrong place at the wrong time. Banter can occur to tease the one shifted. At worst, the bystander could become another victim.
     Willing TFs have no such problems with victims and aggressors. The one transformed is dissatisfied with how life is going and wants a change. Boredom or fascination are as equally as valid for wanting to be modified. Embracing such a change would have a profound affect to the spectator of this. Curiosity or fear can drive this person for interacting with them.  Perhaps a role reversal could occur- the shifter calming the spectator down. In any case, circumstances will be different.
     To show the diference of the two, I present a hypothetical situation. A pair of teen boys are in a bedroom. One of the guys wants to make the other to a girl out of loneliness. I will reflect how each mindset will play out.
     In order to make the victim become female, it can't be done lightly. Deceit would have to be played in order to get cose enough to trigger such a TF. Spiking a can of soda perhaps? Since it is fantasy, it suits our needs. Desire is a key motivator, so the wellfare and mental state of the victim is ignored in favor of a hot girl that's very showy but acting like a ditz to not question requests. Resistance is tough, but soon he succumbs to the new mindset and form. The victim becomes a completely different person.
     Would it be easier to convince someone to change instead of forcing it? Being honest with wanting the subject to be the observer's girlfriend is a tough pill to swallow, but rational thinking makes him agree that they are lonely nerds and hate the feeling. A pill, and the changes happen. The well-being of his friend goes above all else- making sure his change is brought upon in loose clothes and reassuring him through discomforts. The result is the guy but with female features and mentally intact.
     Naturally the example reflects of the subject and spectator skit. Even if the circumstances are group-based or if the TFed is someone alone, the situation remains the same. 
     The next time that you feel like RPing, drawing, photomaniping, or thinking about a transformation, give a willing mindset a try. You may see something new you can enjoy.