A long 3 days of work, and you're exhausted. No one is home, so you stumble out of your shoes to get close to the couch. Once laying down on the couch, you allow yourself to sigh as you reach underneath a cushion. You pull out a small blue vial, no bigger than a container for eye drops. The wax seal covering it is torn off with your teeth, and the vial's liquid quickly downed into your throat.

     Sweat pours out your body as you look yourself over. A blue sweater covers you snugly, with blue jeans underneath. No blue socks- only the usual white kind are on your feet, flexing wildly. Your legs convulse, and soon your back arches wildly. The vial is a shifting potion, of course to become one of your favorite forms. You have your eyes become glazed black, as the transformation has it's way with you.

     Not wasting any time, a thick bulge stretches down to your backside. It moves down, tight against your leg, becoming entangled with your sweaty leg and the expanding denim. Your feet swell, looking very blue in between the weaves of your socks. The ends of your toenails poking in front become rounded, unmistakable for the rest of your toes. You groan at the feeling the the bulging tail wanting to be freed, but enjoy the sensations of sitting on the appendage. It breaks open with a long vertical rip- the wet jeans separating from the pressure like paper. You slip off the other leg free so you have bare legs, covered in light blue skin. Leaning your legs with slightly bent knees against the couch, it feels like your legs are covered with a fine, skintight material. Seeing the human veins poke out while twitching, they are your skin- coated with rubber and squishy to make contact with. Down at your socks, your feet explode out of your socks, plump with rounded digits and exaggerated widths being double your human size. The tail, once growing past your feet, expands at the point your body can't make contact with it. It's end cracks out a pair of crystalline orbs, sparkling in the dim light of the room. It's growing lighter, whiter at the tail's underside, spreading upward to your stomach. The shirts, well concealed and baggy, do not contain the plumping stomach, chest, and arms ripping free of their relaxed designs compared to your pants. Blue, damp, rubbery skin greet you. There are no fingernails on your fingers- just rounded clumsy digits. The whiteness has spread up to your stomach, making your navel as smooth as your tail. Further up, your face is blue, but the underside of your chin is white, the coloration moving up to make your lips and nose as such. A crystal orb sprouts from your throat, making you growl as your voice gets changed as it moves through you. "Unnnnnh.... Unnnh... UnnOOORRHHH.... UnnnnAAAAAGON.... AAAAGOhhhhh!" The tail, as thick as your stomach is, keeps pushing away from you. It's caress to the floor makes you moan, more and more, reacting to your desire to have more of the blessed limb in between your legs. Your mouth and nose open up and round out to an oblong oval, making a draconian snout. Up above, a horn slips out of your forehead. The sides of your head, your ears, extend outward and fan out to wings, happily flapping at your still human strands of sweaty hair touch the backs of your ears. "Unnnnnh! UNNNNH! UNNNNAIIIIRRrrrgh! Moooore... MooOOGONAIR...!" As you squirm, a heightened sense of things makes you realize what you can do.

     Most of your body is this massive, 4 foot thick, and least 12 foot long tail, with the exception of your humanistic body. Knowing what you want, you slide your spine against the armrest of the couch underneath you. "UNNNhhhh.... Drraaa.... Draaaa...." You feel your spine pop back into your body, restructuring to be encased in flexible muscles. "DRAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!" Further down, your human chest expands to a cylinder, matching your stomach but not as big as your tail. Knowing this, you rub at your chest and down the sides of your stomach, feeling along the human ribs poking against your skin. "Ahhhhhh.... Ahhhh..." *CR-R-R* "Ahhhhh! Ahhh!" *CRICK* "AGGGGH!" No longer... It's smooth like your tail. But as you in vain try to feel for your human parts, your arms are looking smaller, weaker, trying to grab a hold of your tail... No, not your tail, that's your stomach! "Ohhhhhh... GONNNNNNGH..." The human arms and hands pull to the sides of your chest region, thickening to match your tail exactly. In protest, you move your legs to feel along the narrow part of your tail attached to your rear. After awhile, your feet get caught with your tail. "Unnnnh?" You wiggle your toes wildly, making that part of your tail slither backward against the couch. "UNNNNNNNNNH! MOOORGH... MOOOORRHH..." You close your eyes, accepting your fate and the surrender of your limbs. It's beginning to look hazy to see your body. Your tail... No where's your arms, legs, anything? Just... A large, Dragonair tail, able to slither...

     Instincts kick you to roll to your underside, making you bonk your lips against the floor as your body coils around the couch. Panting, you grind up against the couch, coiling around it as best as your thoughts can allow, wanting it to be used for your finishing. "Aaaaaaagon.... ahhhhhhhgon... ahhhhh good.... ahhh gooonaAAIIRR!" The human hairs on your head start to seperate from the top of your head, making it hard for the sensitive parts behind your ears to be touched. You grind harder, not even noticing your length exceeding 25 feet... 28... 31... "AAAIR! MORE! AAIR! MOOOGONAIR!" You pant as you slide your head onto the floor, dragging the crown of your head onto the hardwood, bending your ears to have that glorious feeling happen as good as you can make it. "AGONAIR! AGONAIR! OH MORE, MORE! AGONAIR!" The couch creaks, you not being aware of how much stronger your serpentine body has become. 35 feet long... 39... 43... Ecstasy hits you for a loop, making you scream out loud in a release of pleasure. "DRAGOOOOOOOOOOOOONAIR!"

     The couch falls apart, and you coil yourself up like a snake at what you have become. 50 feet long, 4 feet thick, and still having the desires of pleasure despite being a massive pokemon. No, you had no control of your body. However, your wishes of release are imprinted inside this majestic beast. Sure some time will pass and you'd have to explain again how a storm only blew your house, but with all that potential in your form, you would pay it gladly.