A cloudy sky reflects the somber mood of a frightened woman, running away from whatever event had just occurred. Going as fast as her legs can carry her, she pants from exertion, frantically looking all around her, trying to find the first point of civilization that she can find behind green eyes. Black boots strike the ground in her swift strides. Thick grey socks cover her feet while jeans cover her long, slender legs. A hoodie covers her torso with the strings staying airborne while running. Long silver hair brushes against her backpack as she moves. Moving past a clearing of trees, salvation is found. 

Catching her breath for a moment, she pants while looking at the manmade structure. It is 10 feet wide, 10 feet tall, and 10 feet long, huddled under a pair of adjacent trees with their many branches hanging overhead. Walls of olive green tarp blend well with the tall grass surrounding the tent that is before her. With all of the strength tapped out of her body, she falls to her knees, letting out a soft squeak as she hangs onto consciousness.

Coming out from the front of the tent, a man clad in black emerges. He is careful to pick her up out of the ground, holding her in his arms. She feels the cotton material by her cheeks. Brown eyes look all around her body. She would state how someone half a foot shorter than her 6 foot tall body is able to carry her, but doesn’t bring it up. Mouthing “Thank You” to him, she soon blacks out from exhaustion. 

He moves to bring her into his tent, lowering her body onto his sleeping bag. Once down, she takes off her bag and leaves it leaning against her arm. With a hum of a motor, an air mattress fills up from beneath her. She sighs, and he drapes her body with a blanket. Leaning against a wall next to a tree on one side, he shuts his eyes, wondering where she came from as they rest. 

Emerging out of slumber, she lightly yawns. It must have been a refreshing rest. Looking over to what is close by, she finds the man in black, catching some sleep while in an uncomfortable position. Polite, and only a few inches away, she softly whispers at his general direction to get him awake.

“Hey mister!” No response. “Sir?” He snores, and then falls silent. She then puts a hand on his shoulder to try and get him up. “AH WHAT!” he yells, falling to his back from the shock. With the frightening position she was in hours ago, seeing the man aloof is reassuring. 

“Hey…” she says- her voice soft and pleasant. “I wanted to thank you for letting me come inside and…” Her trail of thought is cut off as she sees that there is only his bedding which she is residing in. Courteous, she slips the blanket away from her body, standing up while looking down at him. “Thanks for letting me hide out in here. Thanks so much!”

Always thinking of the current situation, he pauses to realize what is happening. (So she ran from something? Need to know of what.) “Ah…” he says, clearing his throat, sitting upright. “Don’t worry about it.” His voice is low, but always has an air of concern about it. “So you’re holed up in here? You collapsed from what must have been running so hard. From what?” 

Memories flood from the point of where her race to outrun her pursuers went through. She looks down at the floor, sighing softly. “I was looking for Pokémon to snap photos of.” “What?” he wonders aloud, not seeing anything that would prove this. “Oh yes!” She pulls out her book bag, opening it to show the man. Sure enough, there is a sophisticated camera with an array of lenses to use. “I’m a Pokémon snapper!” she says smiling, feeling some admiration with the title. “Ah, that’s cool. So you snapped something you shouldn’t have?” “Yes. Two bad dudes were pouring chemicals on the grass! Isn’t that terrible?” The man rises to his feet, determined to find out more.

“This sounds pretty bad.” She looks back up to him, nodding in agreement. “I need to check this out.” Now she looks puzzled. “Are you sure you want to? Those guys had guns!” He nods. “It’s what I do. This injustice cannot stand, for I am the PoKeHybrid Trainer.” She smiles, shrugging her shoulders. “Poke what?” He looks like he’s going to fall over from that remark. “Gah… nevermind that. I’m armed so I can get a good look before I notify the local Pokémon Rangers - wildlife police out here. That much we can agree on, yes?” She nods, looking anxious to come along with him. “If you’re checking it out, let me come with you!” She pokes a thumb to her chest. “I’ve seen where these guys were and used to this forest! I can take you there while you deal with anybody else.” He looks her over. She has her fists clenched. “Must want payback.” he states. “You look like you can handle yourself.” She nods. “Alright then. Let’s go. By the way, I’m Jim.” He offers his hand to shake hers. “Kaycee”, she replies in kind with a hand shake. Just as they make their way out, she falls to her knees, the once gutsy demeanor turning to a scared one. Instantly he has a sense of why she changed her reaction in mind.

(Too many times have I seen this. It’s…)

“My… My body is on fire!” she wails.

“Hey… HEY!” he yells.

Identifying what is happening, Jim moves to be before the traumatized woman, unsure if he should be concerned for his safety or wait. “What happened that made you run from who knows what?” She looks over to him, a blank expression on his face as he barely keeps eye contact. “The chemicals… Ahhh… They splashed some on me. Then I ran!” Kaycee realizes that he looks like he is lost in thought. “Do… You know something?” Feeling desperate, she holds onto his shoulders, bringing him down to squat before her. “Answer me, ah! What was it?!” He sighs, turning away from her gaze. “Pokemon Hybrid transformation…” She gasps. “I was setting up camp because I got word from a Ranger. People have been changing while observing the wildlife. Was gonna find those guys and thought I got here fast enough to prevent more transformation incidents.” She looks to the floor, arms weakly on his shoulder, looking defeated. 

He sighs, turning back to face the upcoming victim. “My title? It’s… From seeing these situations. You’re gonna change to a PoKeHybrid” He frowns after delivering the news. “…I’m sorry.”

She tilts her head up, realizing that she may be in good hands for her situation. “What should I do? Feeling so warm all over…”

“Try to relax. Easier said than done, I know, but remember one important thing”, he reports to her. “What, Jim?” His eyes narrow as he looks dead at her eyes. “Remember who you are. No matter what happens. Make damn sure you don’t lose your-“ He’s cut off as her hands slide off of his shoulders and onto the floor.

“Ahhhhh…. AHHHHHHH!” She cries out in pain, and her body begins to change. While down on all fours, she tries to gather what exactly is happening to her. There isn’t anything for a few moments, but pain registers inside of her body with random spasms. She arches her neck upward, hyperventilating as the feelings run along her body, unable to stop. It’s at this point, she feels her ears tingle. Slowly, turning her head in an attempt to see, the ear lobes open up, growing more cartilage to make them longer. Its rounded edges converge with a tall triangular shape, looking rather elven as it grows past her silver strands. Their growth ceases at around a foot tall and a few inches wide. Bringing a shaking hand to feel one of them, they twitch upon contact with her hand. “Is this… Am I a… monster?” she wonders out loud.

She looks to him, lowering her hand back onto the ground, wanting an outside opinion. He shakes his head, not agreeing with that assumption she just made. “You’re still you. Just a little… um, different.” Kaycee sighs softly. It may be putting things lightly for her situation, but she feels a bit better that he is trying. “Freaky may be better” she admits. Gritting her teeth, she senses the next changes pulling her away from normalcy.

“Grrrrrrrgh!” she grunts, feeling the discomfort hit her face. Putting her face down against the bottom of the tent, she feels her nose press against the tarp. Inching away from her body, she mumbles as her lips follow her nose, lengthening to cover more space. Rounding off from cheek to cheek, her human chin is lost in the protrusion. She smacks her lips in disgust, raising her head as the bottom of her 2 inch long rounded snout drags along the floor. Even the adventurous man pulls his head back in shock at the sight. Not at the muzzle, but to a different change altogether.

“Your eyes!” he exclaims. “They’ve grown tremendously while you were down there.”

“What?” she replies. “I have to… Ahh… See!”

Finding her phone, she catches herself at the reflection on the screen. Even with the low light, she sees her eyes. They’re at least twice as tall as they should be. Her green eyes are very wild now- fiery red irises twice the size of her human ones greets her. With her head focused into view, she notices her head looks taller, but she can’t be sure. Those eyes and snout- replacing her nose with a pair of nostrils hold her attention. She gasps; shaking her head, not knowing a thing of what is her fate. Back down to all fours, she clenches her fists, resisting a moan with shut lips, holding her hands as tightly as she can. 

Now her hands are pulled longer, expanding as she holds on tight. Swelling slowly, the little joints of her thin fingers inflate with a crescendo of pops to her bones. She holds her fists up to her face, seeing her short nails crawling out of her fingernails, growing longer. Their tips narrow to fine points, sharpening to claws. Opening them, the victim speaks her dismay out loud.

“Mmm… My hands … Agh!”

She feels his hands rest on her shoulders.

“You’ll get through this. Okay? You’re not alone in this! Remember that!” he heeds to her.

Her frightened eyes look for a way to escape the pain that assaults her body, but can’t find anything to distance herself from her skin. The pigment of her skin darkens slightly, moving away from shades of human to shades of orange. While within her clothes, she feels her skin hardening, easy to feel since sweat coats her body. The hardness subsides as she can feel patches of skin cling as tiny microscopic links. While smooth to the outside, they are rather blended well for being orange scales. Seeing the changed skin behind red eyes, it makes her think about past events.

Having faced through many things before her simple life, she knows that all she can do is persevere. Survive. Knocking his arms away, she growls at Jim. 

“I… I can… Grrrr… Do this!” 

While taken back at first, he soon accepts her burst of determination showing itself as she holds onto her body. Howling in pain, she switches to sit down normally and embrace the changes, willing it as if she is the one commanding it. Against her shirts, she feels her stomach press against them. Rounded growths press out of her scales there, separated in 1-inch segments. With her shirts bunching up to expose her belly button, they see the crème scutes pressing out a half an inch out of her skin. The segments run up from the bottom of her stomach, up to her throat and ending at the base of her snout. While this goes on, she feels wild antennae slip out of her hair, looking like a pair of yellow bent curves, about a foot long. Through the middle of her head, pressure builds from her skull to an excruciating growth- a wide horn. With all of these signs of her body, Kaycee realizes the hybrid she is becoming.

“Drrrrr… Dragonite… What… Why… Grrrrrgh…” She growls, feeling a pain focusing to another body part. 

With the Trainer less than 2feet away, it takes him by surprise as she sticks her feet, clad in boots, against his chest. She howls to him, “Grrrgh! Take them off! They’re… Rrrrr… So tight…” As he looks, five points start to poke at the end of her footwear. Observing the shoe laces, they are rather knotted many times over. He shakes his head, trying to slide off the boots, stating “No good… I have to cut these apart to get them free.” If they were unchanged, it was possible- the knots were so she can slide on and off the boots. Now they’re a prison for expanding feet. Her toenails, long and sharp, easily pierce the sweat socks and poke against walls of thick leather. Her keels flex wildly as she presses down upon him, praying for the boots to give way. Once air reaches the tips of her thick, draconic toes, she hisses at the cool air reaching the clammy feet. Bending her feet back, they crack as muscles explode with growth, tearing through the front of the boots, wriggling toes exposed through already long feet for a tall woman. Now freed from the toes, the rest of her feet can expand, pinching the sides of her 4 inch opening, pressing the leather with the friction of her wet scales. The boots start to warp, curving as wide as her feet are trying to do, their flexing making the black leather turn lighter as her feet fill them many sizes over. Grinning as she feels a sense of accomplishment, the soles of her boots tear apart, revealing hybrid soles. 

He looks them over, being peculiar about her feet. Reminiscent wrinkles and the curves of her wide feet remain through their rapid growth. They’re humanistic from their thick ankles at 6 inches wide, becoming progressively bigger at a foot wide to her toes, at 2 feet long, with the remains of her boots hanging onto her legs like anklets. She then presses the massive feet against his shirt, blushing at how downright pleasing it feels for her. 

Idle clawed hands rise up to a panting chest, trailing hands over to her breasts, remaining under scutes and clothing that are only big enough to cover her chest. She looks to the man, inquiring if any of this was alright. He glances away from her, feeling rather indifferent with a thought. (If Kaycee needs approval for something, she is in there, but starting to enjoy this. I don’t like where this is going.) She cries out now, not of fright or pain, but of chemical synapses firing pleasing feelings such as endorphins to register the liberating feeling of transforming as a good thing.

“Ohhhhhh… OHHHHHHH… Draaaaaaahhhhh… Feels… Feeling sooOOOOoorgh… Goooooood… Ggh… Goniiiiiiiite!”

Rolling to her stomach, she spreads her legs apart, letting her hands wander at their leisure, surrendering to the changes as that feels better than the resistant traumatic pain of before. Being freed from her pressings, he shifts to sit upon his legs. Jim knows what is coming. While there, she sticks her scaled behind to the air, not thinking that there is anything wrong with the human observant at her. 

With the slow extension of her tail bone, it slowly extends out of her body, paling in comparison to the rest of her body growing taller. While it’s orange up top, the underside of her tail owns the scutes of her belly to match it. Being small at almost 2 inches long doesn’t leave much to work with, but her reaction to its birth makes him fall onto his ass.

Gasping for air, she gets an idea to make her fall into the throes of the change. Moving her left arm to wrap around her chest, she gently squeezes the area. With the free right hand, she places it carefully upon her tiny tail. With a yelp and the smacking open of her lips, she squeezes the tail in between a few fingers. Shutting her eyes tightly from the sensation, pants escape her jaws as the squeezing slows to gentle rubs. As white-nailed fingers hold onto it, it starts to grow, flexing against her grip. Moving upward with every pass, it’s careful touching hardens to fingertips taking a hold of a tail that is about a foot long and an inch thick. The tail looks like one that would fit the draconian- rather pudgy in shape, thickest next to her rump, and shortest at the tip of it. She presses, happily snarling through gritted teeth and blushing cheeks. Feeling confident in herself, she presses into the tail with the full force of her palms. This lets her tongue out past let lips, licking into the open air as she feels warm. For this, her tail explodes with growth, swelling within her grasp. A few inches longer, lengthening further, the tail grows, becoming a lot easier to hold onto with one hand and feel up. Her left arm furiously rubs against her, while the right hand is having trouble taking a significant hold of the tail. It’s more than a foot thick at the base while several inches at the end of it exceeds the width of her already larger hands. Slowly making its way to Jim, she hisses as his bemused face realizes that she doesn’t want him to hold it. While holding to its base, she unleashes a massive strike with the tail, catching his stomach, swinging him to the wall of the tent, the tarp yielding to her superb strength. He stops from the impact of the blow reaching its full potential as his back is slammed to the tree. Must be easily 5 feet long to provide such force to swing heavily and pick him off the floor and 2 feet thick. Knocking the wind out of him, he passes out, as the dragoness seems lost to the changes.

Rising to her feet, she looks all over her body, not wanting the changes to stop. Standing upright, she holds onto her stomach, feeling her back burning up. Her desires are granted as she feels her shoulders split open with slits. Growing out of these slits, a thick finger, arching like a wish bone, poke around out of the openings, offering more tears to her too tight clothing. As they grow outward, webbing fills in between these new limbs. The webbing runs down three feet from the base of the fingers, all the way down past the folds of her back. The folds close, and she now possesses wings to enable flight. All things considered, she is finished as a Dragonite PoKeHybrid, but something nags at her very being.

Holding onto her head, she snarls loudly to the sky, feeling the ceiling of the tarp. “DRAAAAAAAA… AAAAGONIIITE!” she screams, not liking the restrictive feeling of the manmade structure. She must have more to not be kept in one place.

Kaycee feels as if all of this isn’t enough. She feels as if she must be able to get closer to the skies, she would be a towering beast in order to reach her domain. Her order. Because of the assimilation of her Pokémon side to her being, all which matters is to be airborne- and she can’t do it if she can’t see it.

Putting her hands to the top of the tent, she wills what is needed for her to be free. Willpower turns to more alterations, and she rises higher, clawing at the material above. Against her bulging body, wool and cotton frays snap apart- making her shirts and hoodie ripped to bits and pieces beneath her. The weathered denim lets out a slow tear from her tail putting weight down upon it, until her gigantic legs force the tear open, separating the legs to a torn singular piece of cloth. Stepping down hard, the remains of her boots break away from thickening ankles. With the rest of her body shedding their clothing, her fingernails make short work of the ceiling, clawing at the olive expanse until it falls apart. Growing upward, falling to her knees, she screams out in accomplishment, filling up more and more of the tent with her massive body. 


This outburst is enough for Jim to snap out of his stupor, winging as his defenses were crushed from her tail whipping to his midsection. Processing everything, seeing that the resident dragon tore up the join to see the sky, he moves to be in front of her again. Without a word, remaining focused, clutching his chest with his left arm, he places his right hand over to her stomach, close to her belly button. It feels cold, almost slimy to Kaycee’s scutes. This feeling causes her to look down, opening her mouth to unleash some rage. And yet, she starts remembering what happened- him taking her in without a question, being up front about her blight, and sticking around when she could have ran. Holding onto her head with both hands, she softly hisses, letting coherent thought return to her mind. 

(I’m… I’m a Snapper! A Pokémon Photographer! I’m not some dragon queen! Oh no, what have I done!) 

She sniffles, looking down at her smaller companion, using his body as a reference to assess her form as it is. Stomach is rather tall at a few feet. Legs are long and thick, ending in 3 foot long feet. Her tail slides along the floor, idly opening up the tent doors with their 10 foot long length and 2 foot thick mass. Tall, she estimates being somewhere in between 15 or 20 feet tall. She sighs, sniffling lightly, feeling ashamed at the damage she caused. 

The words are lost on her to describe what is running through her mind. She lowers her hands to wrap around him, covering his chest at very least. For a moment, she swears that black dots replaced his eyes. Blinking a few times, she finds his hand and brown eyes looking straight ahead. 

“I’m fine.” He reassures her. “I’m heartier than you’d think.”

“Thanks… Sorry about your place.” She sticks her tongue out playfully. “I broke it.”

It dawns on her that even though they are talking, he won’t avert his gaze up to her. If it was fear, he would be the kind of person to speak what’s on his mind.

“Hey, is there a reason you aren’t looking up?” she asks.

Embarrassment makes his cheeks run a bit of red. “Well… You ARE naked. You mind using some of the tent material to, um, cover up?” He shuts his eyes, pulling back from her stomach so that she could stand. She does, laughing a bit. 

A few moments pass by, and he hears the long tears of the tent being put to good use. She tears up a good portion of the roof to wrap a simple shoal for her chest and a crude skirt for below. Once clothed, she lightly nudges the tip of her tail to his shoulder, finding control of her new form easier as time goes on.

He looks up, and sighs with a smile. She does look rather imposing as a Dragonite PoKeHybrid giantess, but there’s a softie behind that form. Tying the shorts together are her book bag, opened up with their straps. 

“Still up for photos, ah?” he asks.

“Of course!” she says with a toothy grin.

The moment ends quickly with the cries of wild pokemon. She gasps as she points over to the distance.

“Those guys! They’re close!”

“Let’s go, while we still can!”

Since the thugs are awfully close to their location, they exchange looks, then drop their bags full of a chemical substance, and move apart at different directions. The Hybrid Trainer makes his way to one of them while the dragoness looks on, unsure of what to do. The man in black draws his handgun from his side as he sees his enemy. This causes the thug pull out his firearm. “Hey you!” he screams. “Down on the floor or else!” Without a reply, the ruffian opens fire. Jim replies in kind. Both fall down- the thug on his stomach, the pursuer on his back. Seeing all of this, she hurries to check in on them, foregoing the previous fear as adrenaline floods through her veins.

“Jim! HEY! Jiiim!” she screams. 

After a few seconds, he gasps, holding onto his stomach. He tears off his shirt, and then unlatches a few straps on his chest. A bullet-proof Kevlar vest makes her sigh in relief as he removes it, revealing a white shirt with small wounds from the pressings of bullets. While it did prevent bullets from breaking past layers of skin, the feeling of the Tail Whip is all too familiar as it feels like he was punched several times to his chest. The grunt on the floor isn’t moving with a crimson puddle growing bigger beneath him, staining the grass. She tries to get close to him, but he rebukes her with a swing of his arm.

“What…” she asks, looking puzzled, concerned.

“I’m… Guh. Fine! You have to catch that other baddie! Get him before he’s long gone or does something stupid like this guy! GO!” He then turns to the side, away from her, allowing himself to recoil in pain. 

Determination washes through her eyes, looking focused as she hears the bushes and tall grass the other man is tearing through. Following her sensitive ears, she runs toward the sounds, snarling in anger. Before, she felt prey to their ambush of her. Now, it was her turn to make them feel karmic justice. As he runs, he turns back. Seeing the hybrid chasing after her, slowly catching up, he’s scared. Finding a clearing, she leaps high into the air, flapping her wings. With the desire to fly, her wings quickly expand, draping over her thick shoulders, running down along the length of her body. Swooping down quickly, she grasps onto his shoulders, flying high into the air. He protests this, struggling to get free.

“M-m-m-monster! You fucking monster!” he screams.

Pulling out a gun from his side, she sees this movement all too quickly. With her tail swinging, it collides to the grunt’s side. Electricity crackles from the point of impact as the tail moves away from his body. His body shakes lightly, enough for his gun to fall down to the grass. Hanging limp, she snickers at the Thunder Wave doing as it should, temporarily paralyzing her enemy. Flying back to where Jim is, she sees him talking over a cell phone. 

Handling the situation, they secure the area for the proper authorities. He lays a black tarp to cover the body of the first baddie. Dropping off the second next to the chemical containers, she lowers back down to the ground, wings receding to be too small for her massive size at 3 feet long. She waves at her new found friend on the phone, him returning the wave. Minutes pass, and the Pokemon Rangers arrive to take the scene away from the visitors. 

Now some distance away from the incident and their statements said, they look at each other with amusement.

“Hey…” She looks shy, looking away slightly, who she was before this whole ordeal.

“Yeah, Kaycee?”

“You mind if I take your photo before you, um… Gotta go?”

“Sure thing.” He smiles.

Careful with her claws, she manages to take out her camera from her bag, and hands it to him. Holding it towards them, he takes a photo. She smiles, and he flashes a peace sign. With that, she stays behind, wondering what she could be doing now.

They part ways, both going on to different lives. While his destiny lies elsewhere, she feels right where she should be- one with nature. Now to get her own place that would accommodate her.