An opportunity presents itself to have a sleepover with a unique geeky gal. Now, she's a particularly interesting person whom has a unique ability- she can change herself to a PoKeHybrid. No, that's not what makes her so unique. She's something of an early bird as well as a night owl in one package. How? it starts as you two sleep comfortably together. Nothing delirious, mind you. She's in her bed while you're on a sleeping bag at carpetted floor. As she wakes up, you hear a soft moan as the Sun reaches her window. 

     She pulls away at her sheets. You avert your gaze out of respect, but she tells you that it's okay. You look and you see thick socks covering her feet, long ones that reach all the way up her legs. White shorts are underneath. A white gown covers her body. It's really frilly for some sleepwear, but you don't object to her old-fashioned dress. Especially as she sits up, bending her knees, looking at you. She smiles sweetly, murmuring as her legs pull out longer from under the grasp of her arms. You see her bare thighs from the silouette of the gown, and think about turning away, but she smiles saying "It's alright, really! I want you to see me change. You're not a bad guy. That's why you slept over!" Moving the fabric over, she pushes it in between her legs to show her wooled socked legs. Little cracks are heard as her legs go longer. Murmuring, her ears, fully visible with her brown hair pulled back in a pony tail, sink into the sides of her head. out from her hair, thick triangular ears poke out of there. They look feline, but hairless. "Oh yes..." Her face presses out slightly, rounding her nose to a slight curve, meeting the end of her lips. A small snout grows from where her nose and mouth once were. "Mmmmm... This feels great!" She smiles, turning to where you are, feet hanging off of the bed. The edges of her toes press against the wool, wiggling against the fabric. You hear her giggle as the toes make indentations into the white wool. They quickly tear, freeing the toes underneath. The nails look clean as much as the rest of her, but they quickly grow darker, turning to a hot pink. Wiggling free, the toes make it past the edges of her socks. Wool tears open, with more of her feet expanding past the limits of her socks. They're growing longer. With her legs elevated, she bends her feet back, showing off her soles. A light purple pad presses out against the instep of her feet. "Oh my goodness! There goes another pair of socks, hee hee!" She lowers her feet to the floor, rubbing against you laying down. You feel her toes wiggle, the presses taking up more space as she rubs. Those toes are growing longer, wider, still humanistic but offering traction to walk on them. A yard long, she slides to stand upon them. Looking up to her face, she beams with conficende, pearly whites with a genuine smile. You'd swear that freckles were forming on her cheeks. She gives a soft sigh, bringing her arms up and hold into her shoulders. Fur sprouts out of her pores, tearing apart the socks covering her legs. From behind, her rear clicks, letting a long tail grow out from there. It wraps around a leg, sliding past her left ankle, curling over to your stomach. You touch it's end, the thick oval at the end of the tail. Before you could speak, you hear her hum a few high nites. Out from her back, you hear buttons snap open, as if the gown was made for this purpouse. Something from up on high.

"Meeew meew meew.... Meeeeeew!" you hear her sing.

     You'd swear that with the light raining down from behind her body, you catched sight of an angel. Blonde hair flows as her ears flick with life. Narrow white wings fold open, releasing stray feathers to be strewn ontop of you. At almost 10 feet tall, she is astounding. While you try to find the words to say something, she giggles, pulling you up with a thought. 

"Well now! Meew! What would you like to do? We're gonna have alot of fun today, hee hee!"

     The day does as well as you'd imagine. You two watch movies, herself resting on your lap as a pillow. Pizza is ordered for lunch. The soda from it makes her bouncy! Video games are played. You go to the pool, and see just how good those large feet can swim with. You lay on her belly, blowing into there. She giggles, moving her wings to give you shade from the sun. After a few movies inside, the sky starts to get it's first stages of night. She yawns, feeling sleepy as her body can't keep up with the energy the Mew side dishes out. The freckles disappear from her rosy cheeks. Tail, wings, and feet pull back to normal. Reverting to human form, you help her back to her room to change. 

     She switches clothes, choosing far different clothes to cover her body. A leather vest covers her chest, it looking really tight for her frame. Underneath, a purple and black cotton shirt covers her arms. Below, the same striped shirt acts as legwarmers. Leather boots with a metal ring at the ankle cover her feet, with toenails turning to a dark purple before being covered. She drifts off asleep as you return to your sleeping bag.

     The moon hangs over the night sky. There's no full moon tonight! She lets out a bellowed moan, waking you up instantly. You stand before her. her body is shaking. In this position, you'd swear that this setup would be fitting for a werewolf. With her brown hair turning black, it's not suprising. She rolls onto her stomach, on all fours as her eyes are closed. You bring your hands over to her shoulders, feeling those muscles contract then expand, pressing up against her clothes. She's growing thicker. The sleeves of her shirt rip apart with sturdy hands, ripping her forearms free of cloth. That's when her eyes open, looking at you.

     A feeling of dread is fleeting, as her body illuminates in the moonlight, being the only source of light in the room. Piercing purple irises scan you over, figuring just why you're there, not trying to strike at the monster she's becoming, or having the instinct to run. Satisfied to focus on the pain raking her body, she groans at her body binding her growths. The buttoned vest rips apart with a sharp scream. She rolls to her back, looking at what is happening to her. Your hands find themselfves on her stomach, pressing down on the muscles growing defined by the second. You rub away, feeling the athletic woman's abs melt and expand to a rounded shape, lacking human definition, to a barrel. "Haaaaaahhhh... Eyaaaaaaahhhh..." You see her feel her thighs, seeing the fabric covering her legs pull upward, bunching up to her knees looking quite disproportionate. They thicken, ripping the leggings up to her ankles. They're made to be that big, but the tatters don't seem right. You tear them off, and she nods, panting as the changes continue to assault her body. She recognises you as a friend, not a foe.

     Over to her feet, she feels them winging against the thick leather confines. She tries to rub them in an effort to rid the sickening feelings of them, but it's to no avail. Her thumbs thicken, expanding to a ball with a thick digit attached to it. Her remaining 8 fingers pair up, pressing together, reforming in 2 more pairs of balled, clumsy fingers. Tears fill her eyes, crying out to the darkness aside from her glow. You reach out and touch her face. Fingers catch those tears, reflecting off of the faint light closeby. The look of relief fills her eyes, but is quickly shut closed as her face pushes outward. Not like before, it presses out longer, caving in her nose to an inhuman snout. Up above, her ears are done, changed during one of her calls of pain. Through her hair, horns half an inch thick are hard to ignore. Below, her feet press up against your chest. Her toes press as hard as she can, 10 contact points quickly diverting to 2 pairs. gritting her teeth in main, she holds back screams as the boots rip apart, splitting them open to two-toes feet. Purple nails look damp with sweat. They jerk wildly, growing bigger and bigger as her feet snap to arch. Two inches thick, they latch onto your sides. The grip grows stronger as her feet expand, wider than her Mew self, holding onto him as much as she could. With the leather town asunder, the remaining steel hangs up to her ankles, acting like a pair of anklets. They rise up higher as purple skin covers her ankles, rapidly expanding to softball sizes. The stomach looks just as purple as her ankles. She sits upward, trying desperately to clutch your shoulders. Unable to, she hugs you instead, sniffling as her back snaps. You cautiously hold her back, but are thrown for a loop as you feel a thick tail moving with swift cat-like movements away from the two of you. It sways over her bed, knocking over a few things to the floor with a crash. It's girth is massive as one of her thighs. The feel? Cold, like her demeanor. It feels familiar... Rubber? Tough to press and repeling sweat, her body becomes coated with this thick hide. You look up to her head, seeing the bulge coming out from the back of her head. With a snap, and a deep groan of pain, a thick chord of flesh snaps out from the back of her head and connects to her spine, splitting the hairband to make her look wild. Fear returns as her eyes open wide. She grimmaces with sharp teeth, feeling power surging, but you are caught off guard by a pair of black appendages covering her body. You feel them cover you, her eyes and body lighting the embrace. Black angel wings obscure the world outside. Her? Covered in soft purple skin, she's completed. A soft snarl escapes her lips, showing a forked tongue at her lips, tickling your cheek. 

"Meeeeeewwww... Twwwwwooo... Haaaaaaahhh... What a russssshh..."

     The night is as eventful as the day. Mimicking human form, you two go to a game center, especially enjoying DDR since her thicker form isn't troublesome on massive feet. At the park, she shows you the many constillations in the sky. You enjoy burgers at a diner, herself eating up several Jalapeno burgers. Back into her room, she yawns, sun hanging overhead. Slipping onto a white bathrobe, her hair returns to brown. The Mewtwo features sink into her body, feet lowering to be flat on the floor. 

     You open the covers so she can slide into her bed. You hear three voices: One dark and mysterious, one light and carefree, and a last that is her normal voice. All of them thank you as you slide into the sleeping bag. Heck of a day, as the Sun and Moon are eclipsed by her.