Where am I?

All around me, blue light blinds recognition of my surroundings. No help there. I see my body. Black jeans cover my legs. Broad boots with metal plates at key points cover my feet. A black long-sleeve shirt hides a white tee underneath. My arms are outstretched away from me, as if I was trapped, pushing away that blue void. Soon, my body cups together into a ball, forming an orb with the blue light around me. The blue sinks into the orb, clearing my view. I'm in some elaborate office with 20 feet tall windows behind a black desk. A frightened balding man stands, dumbfounded while looking at me. I shout, firing the orb with an alien force, it racing to his body.

My cheeks turn with a sadistic smile as his form quivers. Plain skin hardens, turning rough, like stone. The suit with a peculiar R on a pocket rips apart as his body expands out of it. So many sharp points. Frightened lips turn to an inhuman scream of anguish. A curled horn breaks out from his snout, forming at the end of his altered nose and lips. It feels good that I have altered this lower life form, this man whose change gives me such a sense of satisfaction. But why? I can't hear those screams, or anything.

Who am I?

That R on the broken suit a few feet away. Team Rocket. It strikes a chord with me. They wronged me. Led me to be whom I am today. It's not enough information. I turn to my left. A woman... No. A PoKeHybrid. Transformed human to be part pokemon. She's oddly barefoot. Pink feet. Red nails. Up around her waist, a bulbed pink tail twitches. A striking red dress covers her body. Tearful eyes look my way. Eyes that seem to call to me. They penetrate beyond my sensed and I can hear her in my mind.

<Why... Why...?>

This teenage girl with frizzled brown hair... She's part Mew with all of that pink skin and feline ears through her hair. Part Butterfree as well with the butterfly wings behind her dress. MewFree. Standing up slowly after being flung against a bookcase. After a few seconds, my ears ring, and I turn to my right with the first sounds I can recognize.

" What... What are you..."

I turn and see a teenage boy with spiky brown hair that would fit some anime or a video game. He's buff in his purple shape. It's moving, living. Muk is recognized from most of his body being part that. Nude, but no definitions from the waist area, like a doll. His hands and feet appear to be human as much as his head. Hands are clenched into fists, wiping away blood from the back of his head. Sneakers with metal plates like mine shuffle to stand. Thick grey and purple wings flap with discomfort. A grey spaded tail pushes him away from the ruins of a statue. Aerodactyl features. Max Morph.

I raise my arms back to what they were before, to see what these two people would do. She covers her face. He raises his arms to a defensive stance, bracing for impact. Guilt... Why do I have this feeling? I turn to someone I did understand. The man in pain.

That face. He looks at a particular brat that he's looking at with mournful tears, in a photo behind that wretched R on the floor, to a loved one he may never see him again. Why am I familiar with that look? Giovanni. He's responsible for PKHs existing to bring himself on the shoulders of countless victims. There are so many hybrids now, that they aren't hunted down and killed. I was one of those hunters.

Why am I here?

Ending this man's life will make this world a better place. I drop my arms to my sides. Knowing the handguns that are there in my pockets, I pull them out. Training them to the Rhydon PKH on the floor, he puts a hand over his face. No- I did him a favor with that form. He won't die to gunfire with that rough hide. So, I aim my guns to the windows. I open fire, letting them shatter into thousands of pieces. While it rains glass, I hold onto Giovanni. Dragging him by his shoulders, he lets go of the weathered photo. Strength surges inside of my average frame. I dare not question where it comes from like I do that technique that changed Gio and let those two other hybrids tremble in fear. Without a word, I leap high into the expanse.
I close my eyes, and time seems to sit still as I open them.

My thoughts play out as the fall is extremely slow. Glancing to the windows, the two hybrids have a look of shock. Their fates don't concern me. Below, I see the first signs of flailing with the Rocket leader. I look up higher. Glass is still falling. The sky... Looks wonderful at this state.

Falling to my back, I open my arms outward. Huh. I can hear the wind now. Time's speeding back up. I hear screams and astonished noises, but my mind is already gone. Freedom. From this life. From being used as a tool for one man. From hurting others. What? Things are simpler this way, surrendering my fate. My eyes slowly close. The sounds of my fall are now deafening, obscuring anything else. It's peaceful.

And, in one moment, it's all taken from me.

Delicate arms wrap around my shoulders. A pink ball covers my body. I'm standing upright in midair. I look down. I see the floor, but I don't get the pleasure of seeing my body. What's worse, is that I see Max holding Giovanni in his arms, both rolling to the ground. I look behind me. MewFree is holding me up. And in one motion, I shove her away. The bubble disappears. She's heartbroken. I'm furious.

Boots strike the ground as I am back on Earth. Did... I just jump from a tall building? I scream out loud as my mind puts together the puzzle of this situation.

Giovanni was up in his hideout at the top floor. We were gonna take him down to be jailed. He made a scathing remark. I'm not quite human, but a hybrid. Was born one. I flipped out as my girlfriend and best friend tried to console me. That was the blue light. I retaliated and made Giovanni a hybrid. Hurt my loved ones and my hated enemy. Offing ourselves, thinking that would find peace. Instead, I pull out a gun, aim it to Giovanni's head, looking at the TR members assembling by the building entrance.

I'm Jim Boom. PoKeHybrid Trainer. And I got to get all of us out of here.

"Hey you." My voice is low, wanting to let inhibitions go and end that mad man's existence.

"I... I'm alive...! Please... Don't kill me!"

After all of this, he's nothing but a sniveling worm. I ought to rub him away, but something holds me back. There are two people beside me that I have to protect. While I... Wasn't all there with that power, those two could have flown out of there by rooftop. Now, they're sitting ducks. Looking at Max, he shakes his head no. Over to MF, she speaks into my mind with telepathy.

<Don't do it... Don't have to be as vile as him to beat him.>

I shake my head. I know what I have to do.

Red light fills up in my left hand, free to do what it can. Light fills up to form an orb of energy. If I am able to change others, then that would mean that I can change him back. I shout, knowing how to unleash the ball out of my palm and into his body. With a disgusted look on my face, I see the pale skin return from his body. Claws reform to human digits. He falls to his rear, looking at his hands, surprised at what happened.

"Listen. This is my resignation. Stay. The hell. Away from me. My friends. My family. If I even sense someone by me that you dragged out, I won't be as merciful as I am today. You bet that no one else in this life will be as human as me. And I am a Ditto hybrid!"

I holster my weapon. My loved ones start to walk away, not wanting to look back. Seeing the trained rifles, firearms... Is that a grenade launcher pointed to us? Giovanni waves them off, and they refuse to fire from his command. I slowly turn back to my group, knowing there will be a lot of changes when we reach home.

Two years passed after that event, the nicknamed "Team Rocket Run" that was heard on all over the Pokemon world. The PoKeHybrid Trainers, a band of people united to stop TR with ruining lives of humans and hybrids alike, won. Rocket members stopped pursuing me, Max Morph, and MewFree. In that time, Max got together with MewFree. Both split, then went their separate ways. Things weren't the same after I found out about my latent abilities. They were transformed and were used to it. I wasn't, so I... Snapped. But, I had to make do.

It wasn't easy, but now the PKHT is but me. Only me, taking on the rest of the injustices of hybrids, humans, and everything in between. Now? I'm gonna enjoy a good time with a fan whom wants to meet up at a hotel. Granted, it's usually from circles of contacts for people whom would want to be changed to a hybrid, but she sounds interesting. Suave lady with pink hair? Interesting.

Arriving to the hotel, it screams luxury. The room is just as fancy with a large TV in the living room, fur carpets, and beautifully painted in bubblegum pink and white. I was mailed a

keycard to enter, but the bedroom is sealed with a tarp barrier. A purple sticky note is on there.

Come in! I've been dying to meet you! :3

I leave a hand over to the tarp, taking a bit to check for what's in there. No, just someone giggling. I push in the tarp, and make my way out.


Years since first contact. Months to get this far. Weeks to find him. Now here he is!

"Heyos! You wanted to see me?"

For someone whom has a mixed reputation, he's really friendly!

"Hiya, you!" I say. "Happy you were able to find me here. Please make yourself at home."

I see him sit down at the side of the bed, letting his boots off. Is he blushing?

"Goodness. You have nice pink hair. Hell of a smile. Uh err... So how come you have found me?"

I check myself over. A white skirt is short, down to my knees. Long pink leather boots cover my feet. A white top with a black stripe from arm to arm covers my midsection. A black shirt is underneath. I have pretty long pink hair, as what Jim says. A pair of bangs, black, are at the middle of my hair in front. With dark blue eyes and pink lips, I blush brightly. I sit down at the foot of the bed, looking him over. I'm not used to this sort of attention! This is perfect!

"Oh, I am a big fan! So happy to finally meet you, Jim. I'm Sinead."

"Such a unique name. Jim, here. But you know that already."

"Well then! Whatever will we do now?"

He thinks for a moment, trailing his eyes down to those posh boots of mine.

"Um... You mind taking those boots off? Letting me see those feets of yours?"

Such an unusual request. Out of all of the things to ask, why that?

"Err... I suppose so. I don't trust much of this situation..."

Now he's blushing.

"W... Well, I have a thing for them. Seeing, close contact, and stuff..."

I hope that he is still sweet when I do this. Slipping off my boots, I step onto them. Fuzzy toe socks cover my feet. Not hearing a peep out of him, I nibble on my lip, pulling the socks clear. Light pink polish are painted meticulously on my pedicured toenails. I wiggle them slowly, and he smiles at this. I smile, hoping that would be the only thing he would notice. But soon, the perfect dream is shattered as his eyes widen at my long second toes. Silver Rs, painted red on above, are on toe rings. I hear a click, knowing exactly what that is.

Going to my back, in a specific fold to my skirt, silver six-shooters are quickly found. I aim them forward, raising my eyebrows at the sight before be. There is Jim, aimed with a pair of handguns. To me. This isn't going to end well.


He speaks so coldly, without emotion as he looks right to my eyes. I reposition my legs to be up on the bed, still holding my weapons aimed to him.

"Jim, please. I don't mean you any harm!"

I try to find the words to calm him down. He's not trusting of this situation, and it is hard to blame him. With our reputation, how can he see otherwise? As it may be, I wasn't born yesterday. We aimed our weapons at the same time without having to be able to make a few changes. Still, I have to get through to him somehow.


"You know why I hold such contempt to... You people. I thought that I was done with that organization. Giovanni went on sabbatical, and I was cleared to live whatever life that I have left."

"That's the thing... I'm, well... I'm the new boss."

His eyes widen. What was ready to pull those triggers and blow me away, weaken and slump to aim at my legs. Jim looks... Defeated.


"...I thought after so long..."

...that all of this was done and gone. Team Rocket was but a bad childhood and I was doing right in the world. Is the organization so bad that it will operate without a leader? No, it's very much like a hydra. Cut off one head and two take its place. Bloody hell. Should have followed my gut.


"Jim, listen. I'm not here to hurt you. I... I wanted to meet you. For a long long time."

He exhales. I let my feet rest on each of his hands.

"Please... Please have faith."

Is that... Tears in his eyes? I press down on his hands, letting my feet push away the guns to the floor. I drop my own, moving the weapons under the bed. He chokes up a bit.

"My daughter... God help me if you do a thing to hurt her..."

Daughter...? He has a baby girl? I reach over to the nearby counter, finding a manila folder. I open it and strew out the contents all over the bed. Pulling my legs back, I let him look things over.

"See here? I didn't know you had...."

He looks up, rubbing his eyes and nodding.

"Yeah. There's... not a whole lot you know about me, is there."

We stare at each other for a while, while it looks like he is trying to recall something. It's then where he tells me everything above. It's unusual as he talks like he's recalling it as if he just experienced it, but it is a lot for him to carry on his own.

"That's about everything that your record is missing at the end. Here."

He leans back against the headboard of the bed with a pillow. He hands one over to me. I slide onto it, starting to relax.

"Suppose it's only fair that I tell you about me. My past, how I got to where I am, and finding you."

His brown eyes glare back down, finding me with a smirk and a nod.

"You can look down if you like. I won't bite."

Now, my life story will be revealed to this mysterious stranger, who fancies himself as the "PoKeHybrid Trainer".

"My name is Sinead, and I am the leader of Team Rocket."

My upbringing holds me to a high standard. From an early age, my parents made me the person that I am today. Who are they? Bonnie and Clyde, a duo of Team Rocket members that work well together. They were not known to the rest of the world because of how well they operated. Having worked for the Madame Boss, then over to Giovanni as he pulled the reins, they were called when a job had to be done with no questions and complete success. I am still proud to be their daughter.

As I say this, Jim sighs, looking back down to my legs. The sting of having a poor relationship with his parents in comparison to mine is all too obvious. His voice is soft, almost hurt.

"You certainly are giving me the lowdown... It's... Fine. Go on."

Due to my parents being as resourceful as they were, their pokemon were unique and well-trained. Bonnie burned with passion with her Charmeleon. Clyde in calm and in storm had his Raichu. Of course they couldn't breed, but a certain genetic advancement allowed both pokemon to breed. This brought out an egg that hatched to a scientific hybrid- a Raimeleon. With selective breeding, the Raichu gave birth to a Persian/Raichu genetic hybrid. Breaking the barriers of pokemon genetics, TR believed it to be one of their many successes of the PoKeHybrid project. This Perchu was given to me. I called her Sonya. Ever since then, I became involved as a researcher for hybrids. They fascinated me then and they still do, now.
This makes Jim raise his eyebrows, curious. Once weary eyes are brimming with wonder. I giggle. Jim IS a hybrid despite not looking it, so of course he grew to be a person of interest. Way before he knew he is one, part Ditto, I knew everything. If only my position didn't hold me back. What would I say since back then, under TR, he was our escapee hybrid clean-up squad?

"Ah, but I digress with you for now", I say with a bit of blush to my cheeks. I clear my throat and get back on topic.

With everything lined up for me- parents, my eager research, and the blessing of Giovanni, I was picked to become the next boss should he ever be out of the picture. With the ways he used people to generate his technological advancements and wealth, I never liked his forceful policies. I enjoy hybrids, but not forcing people to be shifted. My parents told me to hold my tongue about that. They believed that maybe there was a method behind the madness. We knew it would be a matter of time where I can do what I think is right. Sure enough, Jim drops in and he changes everything.

"Wow, I didn't think that I made such an impact."

"You did and more. Less than a week later, I became the head of Team Rocket."

He exhales, surprised.

"I wonder. If I never departed, would our situations be reversed? It really seemed like I got some preferential treatment, more so then, well..."

"His son? Oh that's why Jessie and James are with him. Their constant cat and mouse games keep him on the straight path. You know... he visited Delia when he left. Said he needed to rework a few things. Ash just happened to be visiting."

Jim smirks.

"Ah, would have paid to see the look on his face. Could have told the brat his background! But, orders were orders."

I smirk in reply. He's lightened up again.

"Well, that's how I got to be here. Some years passed before I got some good intel to find you. Whatever happened to your friends who came in and stormed the base?"

"We drifted away. Thought having a child would have tightened things up. She left me for Max, then vanished without a word. A teen parent? Not something that I would be proud of. Something that I share with Miss Delia."

I nod. He looks serious.

"I was told how I was a PKH by birth. Snapped. Lost Max and MewFree to the sands of ti-"

Before he could finish, I wrap my arms around him, moving my legs to sit upon them and be close. With that look on his face turning cold again, what is trying to prove by holding it in? Losing control like that without a moment to pick up the pieces? It would be hard for anyone, let alone Jim in that situation with lives at stake.

"Jim, you did the best you could... You saved people, many, not just your friends by doing what you did..."

I feel his head tilt back. He looks to the ceiling.

"You saved me, too."

"S... Sinead..."

He holds me close, resting his head on my shoulder. I repay him in kind, believing that I found someone I can relate to so well. Not only that, but I found my significant other.


Winter's here. My boots are shaking as I stand around under a streetlight. Not a soul is out here. A black trench coat keeps me warm. Quite useful too- a layer of Kevlar protects my vitals. A gift from Sinead. Having cleared out a Rocket base, destroying equipment, research materials, and letting captives free, I wait at the back streets of Rustboro City. Much of the surrounding warehouses have chiseled rock surrounding them- a step up from Viridian. I collect my thoughts, feeling satisfaction with my work.
I have a sense of purpose now, better than the past. Sinead is a compassionate soul, and a heck of a combat buddy. With her as the reformed TR leader, I have been helping her clear out the separatist Rocket bases that are operating independently. Bastards got the memo to pack up when Gio left and they kept on doing their dirty deeds. Screw that. With the sense of security that my ride would be coming, I don't notice the feeling of ice collide against my back.

What happened? A sharp breath escapes my lips. I fall forward, feeling the ice accumulating on my back. It's getting heavy. Ice Beam. With the snow turning to a snowstorm, I had to be looking behind my in order to see whatever is coming. It hurts, but I slip off the heavy jacket off of me. Body heat rises from my head and arms. I only have a white tee and black bubble jacket vest left. Turning to see what hit me, I narrowly jump backward out of reflex.

A pair of white claws tear at my chest, penetrating the steel plates of the vest's armor. The claws replace the fingers of the humanistic hands. No thumbs. Connected to them are ebony arms, bundled with short fur. No clothing is over the black figure. More claws replace her toes. Sharp teeth give a menacing smile with a rounded snout for its nose and lips. Yellow charms are on its chest and forehead. The ears are feline, but the left is long, pink, and standing upright. Three long pink feathers cover her rear. I'm standing against a Sneasel PKH, out in her natural habitat.

"Nyyyyyyyyyyy!" she snarls. "This little man is what's helping that witch destroy us?"

Great, no wonder she got me out of nowhere. This is a trap.

"Uh, this little man has a name! Jim!"

That got her to furrow her eyes at me, mocking her in this situation. My enemy raises her right hand's claws to point at me.

"You'll be cut to ribbons by my hands!"

A hard to see blur comes at me with blinding speed. It's everything that I got to go to the pockets of my vest for something- anything to defend myself. My handguns would do no good in a matter of reaction time. Sure enough, time seems to slow down. The snow is falling at an inch a second. With the danger of harm realized, the processing of my surroundings heighten to make a decision. I call it,  Focus. A pair of bulges are on two of the pockets. Reaching in, I pull them towards the white waves moving to my head...


Success! Gripping onto the objects, black drywall box cutters, seem suitable to catch both sets of claws in between each blade. Time rolls back to normal. We struggle trying to pull free, but the deadlock suits me fine.

"Give it up! Ngh! Leave and I promise you your life!"

"Ooooooh ho ho ho! You're in... Gh, no position to bark orders, boy!"

It's at this point where I realize that those separatists have been more crafty than I thought. She opens her mouth wide. Light blue light is filling inside the large maw. The light crystalizes as my chest is fired. I fall to my back onto the snow. It's impossible to move up as the bitter sting of Winter robs the energy of my arms. The Sneasel stands over me, snarling, lowering down on all fours. In these close quarters, a Metal Claw will off me. I struggle to get free, but with her on top of me, I can't get clear. The white waves inch the sides of my head, and a loud explosion stops them right at my cheeks.


The dark figure leaps high into the air as soon as I open fire. Firing the heavy magnum pistols, I move to stand over Jim. Pink boots stay beside his head, rubbing into the fresh wounds that girl did to him. I fire into the sky, not finding its mark as I hear a loud scream of annoyance. My weapons click. Empty! I don't have to say anything to the PoKeHybrid Trainer. Jim already has his pistols out, firing at the wide white waves that her claws expose her to the streetlight. He fires true, making her dart out to reach me. Boy, I get a loud shriek out of the Nyuura when she sees me waiting for her to get close. Before Jim's weapons turn empty, I eject the spent rounds of my pistols. From my wrists, a pair of rounded pegs tap my open barrels, demagnetizing the bullets hanging onto them- automatic speed reloaders. When I hear his semi-autos click empty, I fire, able to take a glancing shot to her shoulders.

"Hey! I remember you hanging around Slateport! Heaven help me if I get my hands on you!"

It's no use. The hybrid screams, retreating to the cover of darkness, never to be found. Jim stands up, wiggling comically as his torso and arms are covered in a big round bolder.

"Thank goodness. I thought I was gonna be purée-d."

"No trouble at all. You did the hard stuff. Speaking of which, you want that ice off?"

"Yesh please."

I strike at the ice with the grips of my guns. It falls to the floor. I shoot a glancing shot to his coat, it falling free from a little mountain of ice. We smile and nod, heading off back home.


So many good times were shared for the 2 years we have been together. Saving lives, toppling evil doers, and being a mom to Jim's daughter, Serra, cute little Mew girl... That one time where we got his ex, Tara to get emotions replaced. Poor girl was attached to him. Somehow, sometime later, Jim was able to take control of that Ditto within, and made me like him! Able to transform myself to any hybrid with but a thought? I wouldn't take back those times for anything in the world.

Except for one time.

In an ordinary day like no other, Serra was at school. Jim and I were doing our own thing. Out of nowhere, Jim started screaming.

I shouldn't have moved to investigate. Out of his back, black angel wings pull out of his body. His hands thicken, taking shape to oversized featureless arms and nail-less hands. Lugia's arms. A bad feeling washes over me. A threat. Reacting to the change, I go in the same form. My blouse breaks apart from behind, flexing and feeling the white arms stretch and flap. Pink nails are on their larger fingers. Standard Lugian arms have grown from behind me. White angel wings flutter into existence. And out of nowhere, the life as I know it changed forever.

The form Jim was in, isn't the one that I loved. He looked... diabolic, standing over me. Red mask eyelids cover his eyes. That sick, sadistic smile is still on his face. I barely catch moving my wings over my head before I fall to my stomach. My cheek is hot. Liquid runs down it. Seeing the blood on Jim's Lugia hand, it comes together.

Did he just strike me?

<Jim... Jim... Are you there? It's me, Sinead...>

Ever since I allowed him to make me part Ditto, we had this sort of bond. Not just as lovers, but able to transmit our thoughts when close. Telepathy. I never get a reply back. He never says anything, but I hear another voice in my head laughing deeply. Something else deep inside of him. I don't turn back as I bring everything that I can to get on my feet, bursting out of their toe socks, my frame bulking with smooth scales to protect myself. Once outside of the apartment, I hobble over to the hallway, falling to the carpeted floor, a Lugia hybrid, weeping from the confusion and shock.

I must have been outside for so long, that I see Serra run over to my aid. By placing her little pawed hands to my shoulders, my wounds close up. The blood on my body evaporates to smoke. My clothes are mended as if they were tailored for my hybrid form. Recovered, I look down to Serra. She reads my thoughts like a book. Tears make those pretty big eyes swollen. I pick her up in my normal arms, holding her against my chest.

"Little one, I promised that I would be your mom. There isn't anything in this world that will stop me from doing so."

With that, I make my way to the elevator. I'll switch back to normal when we're far away from here, where we are safe and sound. Home isn't here with Jim anymore. I... We have to make do without him.


Where am I?

Who am I?

Why am I here?


"Yes. We just left."

I look at a monitor, talking to a mutual friend.

"No, I don't know. I thought about Serra's safety and we left. We're fine now. Just... Check on him when you get the chance, okay? Take care and be careful, Ichi."


Ichi, you're a hard person to ignore and forget. You came into my life around the time Jim stumbled upon it. Out of the blue, you came around when I was alone, after Jim spent the night. Having large Nidorino ears, that Abra tail, and Fearow wings... Such a fascinating hybrid! You called yourself, a Triad, being a PoKeHybrid of three species. You told me how you once knew your friends as a pokemon trainer, then you couldn't hear your dear Abra and other pokemon when you were changed. Silly at times, dependable at others, I wouldn't have given you up for anything. When Jim left, that's when I found out about the organization that helped create you, called MORPH.

The heads of the group had a conference with my aides and I to demonstrate what they were planning to do. MORPH stands for Movement of Rehabilitating Pokemon Hybrids. What they want to do is help people in dire life circumstances and using hybrid transformation to help them. Due to recent events, I went and jumped on the concept. I arranged funding to help establish new patients, buildings to establish  a community outside the facilities, and general employment so hybrids and their families can live in peace for those who needed it. With all these things, I established MORPH as it's own company without direct involvement with TR. As long as they're helping people, that's all that I need. Faced with similar hardships firsthand, what else should I do? I'm able to help people like Jim, Ichi, and others before and after Giovanni.

Seeing their next MORPH candidate, Allegra, was a breath a fresh air a few months later. She didn't have much of a home being a foster child. Shoddy paperwork left her without a name. Being abused, she tried to take her own life many times. MORPH took her from the hospital, made her a Triad, and she's radically different than before. Also, she's a shifter, so she stays human most of the time.  How neat!  By helping her, it feels good to make a difference in the world.


A year passed since that awful event, and life is going great! Serra and I are very close, spending time together and enjoying the close company. Ichi keeps a watch on Jim, seeing if there is any improvement on his condition.  MORPH is making headway with many recipients rehabilitated as Triads or PKHs. Having Ichi over, I have to know what is going on!
We talk for a little while, hearing how he is enjoying life where is is at the MORPH compound. A fellow Triad, Lujuria, has his interest of getting close to. They got attached to a young hybrid, Trinity, who reminds me of Serra. I can see him being a foster parent. However, as soon as I get to talking about MORPH, he starts acting funny.

The subject made him tight-lipped, wanting to change subjects. Normally he talks away as if he is an open book.  After many months of helping fund the organization, and curiosity is left without any details? I press further, curiosity turning to concern. It's then where he rises to his feet. Turning to me, his eyes widen. Bloody snarls at me! His sweet eyes get covered with a purple aura, hidden from sight, and he looks at me ready to pounce.

No, this isn't right. Out of everyone to act like this, why you and why now? I ready my pistols by holding onto their grips at my lips. God forbid that should going after me, he goes on a rampage? He keeps on approaching, opening his wings tall and wide to look intimidating. As soon as he is about to put a hand on me, his body falls like a sack of potatoes. Once fallen,  I see my most trusted aide, a Zangoose PKH, knock him out from behind. He's brought to the infirmary, and I am left wondering what the hell just happened.

Once Ichi recovers, he doesn't recall the incident in the slightest. How can he get caught in a berserker state and not know why that was the case? Pressing further leads to Ichi feeling hurt and scared. I send him back to the compound, allowing him to dismiss it as a bad dream that I had.

I wish it was.

Very little information comes out while finding out how MORPH started. Finding out who started it isn't listed on paper or an online server. All I found revolves around Ichi.
A traumatic transformation led him to be . As a pokemon trainer, he loved his Abra. An incident triggered an anomaly- a psychic-induced transformation. Unlike conventional TFs where synthetic Ditto Cyto makes a human change, a psychic one can only be done by an invasive fusion process with alot of energy. A wild pokemon his Abra was facing was the culprit. He was left confused with his sense of self. Himself? His best friend? What would take over? Before he lost himself, his sister brought him to her boyfriend and got him treatment.

It's unnerving that his sister happens to be involved with the MORPH project. Dating the boss of MORPH, whom was a TR member given amnesty when I took over? And it just so happens that her brother is the first experiment? Such precise timing for all of these things to fall into place. If it was any different, Ichi would have been a feral. Unfortunately, that's all I was able to gather without endangering my operatives and lives being lost. There isn't anything else I can do but find an opening within MORPH and infiltrate it from the inside-out. I only have to wait another year before the chance presents itself.


A cold day brings rough winds. Hidden inside a private compound, I look out the windows from the second floor, seeing the tall grass sway. Something catches my eye. Rubbing them open, I do a double take to confirm what is out there. A figure, draped in a long black trenchcoat makes his way over the unbroken hills headed right for here. Riding an ATV, it's hard to miss as it speeds onward. I hear a few gasps as it gets closer and closer.  Shouldn't be long now before first contact.

I step down the stairs, and walk to the glass doors at the entrance. They're tinted, so no one can see in. For all outside appearances, this is a private office. My friend hangs on by the stairwell. It's swift in it's movements. Black hair obscures his face as the wind doesn't let up. A few knocks on the door, and I open it.


"It's been... Awhile."

Many thoughts swirl in my head. Thinking about the many reasons that Jim may have to come, I wonder why he would come. Asking for forgiveness? To see his daughter? I nod as I let him in.

"So what brings you here, stranger?"

He feels hurt by that remark, turning his head to the side to digest it quickly. I didn't mean for it to be, but there it is.

"Ichi. I... I think something's going on about him."

I see his eyes widen. My involuntary gasp is quickly silenced by my right hand covering my mouth. How could he know about Ichi unless...

"Based on your reaction, it seems like what I hoped was an isolated incident is an ongoing one. One that you may be able to help me out with."

"Yes, perhaps there is." I nod.

"I saw ichi go mad... mad while talking about MORPH."

"Jim, you too? Must have been a few months ago by now."

"...Ah. Yeah. He went nuts. The girl named Ichigo stunned him. Bad for his adopted daughter to have to do that."

"Ichigo... Ah, Trinity's nickname."

"Afterward, I heard a voice. It was deep, serious, and in my head. The Abra part of him started to communicate with me."

Now that's news. That pokemon still exists within him?

"It said that he was trapped. With everything Ichi did for me... I gotta help him."

Jim looks down to the ground, lamenting.

"What I did with you..."

The images of that Dark Lugia.

"What Ichi was going to do..."

I feel the terror of having to shoot him.

"I can't let that be repeated. I gotta save him, even if it means having to hurt someone growing on me..."

He has conviction. Knows that what happened was wrong. What just happened must be remedied. But what does he mean by hurting someone...? Ichi mentioned her to me some time ago.

"Allegra... You're scared that she will snap like Ichi would."

He nods.

"Exactly. But, I have to push onward. He got me out of a tough spot. Met someone. Directly or indirectly, your kindness knows no bounds..."

I nod, trying to ignore that bit of flattery.

"So I got to do right by him. I have to get whatever is making him act unlike himself, and get to the true intentions of MORPH."

"I wish you well... For everyone involved."

Am I dealing with the same man I met years ago? No, he's evolved. Perhaps I can extend my kindness a little more.

"Jim? Shouldn't you go see someone?"

His eyes open.

"Serra? She's here?"

I motion for my aide to come over. She walks over towards us, with a Mew girl in hand. Breaking free, Serra runs over to Jim.


Holding her in his arms, he lifts her off of the ground. They smile brightly, laughing.

"Oh it's good to see you."

"Ditto ditto. Meeew!"

He looks me over, nodding lightly. The gaze turns to the Zangoose gal, wondering about her. he brings a hand to his right pocket while still holding Serra with one arm. I see the indentation of a handgun there. Is he frightened by her poison-capable abilities. I shoot a look of death to him. He holds Serra back up, relenting. Relax, Jim. Serra has been in good hands.

"Ah... I want to take Serra to the MORPH compound. Let her meet Trinity and friends."

"Oh can I go mom? Can I can I?"

What can I do?

"Sure! Try not to bring her back too late, okay?"


The two Booms open the front doors, ready to depart. Jim turns back, looking to me, offering a smile and a wave.

"...Hey. ...Sinead. I... Well..."

"Jim, you don't have time for that now. You can do what I can't right now at MORPH. When it's over... I promise we'll be able to talk away about the time apart. That other part of you, yourself, how things have been for awhile, and other things. Until then, stay alive. Okay? I won't forgive you if you die on us now. "

He nods, and brings up his index and middle finger of his right hand to his right eyebrow. With a quick salute to me, he departs with the roar of his vehicle off in the distance.
As much as I would love to let him know that I had long forgiven him, it isn't something that Jim needs right now. With something worth fighting for, and something worth surviving for, he will press on through thick and thin to see it through. I wish him well on his mission, hoping that he can put an end to this madness and save Ichi, without the loss of life to new-found friends. Take care of yourself, Jim. I'll be waiting for your return.