Many moons ago, there was a collective of spiritual trainers in tune with pokemon. They shared gifts with other pokemon, granting telekinetic and pyrokinetic abilities. Using their powers to sway pokemon, they moved to bind rulers of older times to do their bidding. Many were killed, some needlessly, to be scapegoats as were those accused as witches. Modern times leave these once great people to go into solitude, or to sacrifice their heritage for a simple normal life. Today, however, will reveal what was a myth in the past to be truth in the present. A fortune teller will discover her roots and regain her birthright, as an Invoker. 

A postcard leaves a gentleman to visit a one floor house, occupied by a tarot card reader. He arrives with it in hand. She waves him in, and he enters, getting a scope for the area. 

Most of the room is colored purple- the carpet, chairs, and the walls. Psychic trinkets decorate the walls. In the middle of the room, a white sheet is draped over a round table. A crystal ball rests on a blue pillow. Only candles illuminate the room in a soft glow. The limited light is handy for identifying the ceiling constellations on glow-in-the-dark stickers. Taking a seat, he looks over to the woman partially hidden with a cloak. 

She looks mysterious. A purple hood covers her body. Silver jewelry-anklets, bracelets, earrings, necklace give definition to her small frame. Leather sandals are strapped around her ankles. With violet hair, lavender eyes, purple nails, she matches the room. As she is observed, the routine of her set plays in her mind.

Promoting her business takes databases of nearby residents curiosity. Printing up postcards showing that she has foreseen their questions, isn't anything new. It gets people to come that believe or could use a cheap thrill. Something is different about this session.

It starts as soon as the man sits down. The crystal ball rises from its pillow a few inches. He claps in delight, curious for the spectacle. She looks worried as she pulls out her deck of tarot cards. Normally she wouldn't let the client hold a card, let alone the whole deck! Her lips tremble, and she speaks out against her will.

"Take a card, sir." Her voice is low and mysterious. She is in her show voice, but he's getting into it. "Pick one that you think would fit me."

She gasps out loud, covering her lips with a few fingertips. The reasoning of why she said that is lost. Floating crystal and a card for her? It's less about the man who came in but her fortune to be displayed.

He goes through the deck of tarot for a card that calls to him. In reality, the outside force is using him to pick a card that would best suit her. He pulls out a card, and puts it face-down, smirking. Slowly he reveals it- A figure in a purple hood with a crescent moon hanging overhead.  two pillars border the sides of the card- one white, one black. An A is on the pillar, a K is on a book in her hands, and another A is to the other pillar. Upon closer inspection, the figure bares a resemblance to her, but looking very wrong. Her skin is a golden yellow. A narrow fox muzzle is past her lips. The hands holding the book have white claws. A certain mustache of fur is at the end of its lips. It may say "Priestess"  on the card, but the figure pictured is a Kadabra.

Clutching her head, she does what she can to endure through her transformation.  Fingers start to fuse, growing  fatter as the digits meld to three long fingers. Below, the straps to her sandals start to break as her toes meld to a pair of thick and longer ones. her keels sprout a massive toe, sliding past her ankle straps before falling in tatters. She looks down at the new toes. They're purple nailed, as if she would have done it herself. Looking to the man watching, she cries out to him.
"Help me, please!" Her voice is normal, worried and not in her show voice.

The man looks at her, trying to make sense of what's happening.  Adrenaline flows through his veins, and instincts trigger a "Flight or Fight" response. Doing what comes naturally, he starts to run to the hallway to run out of the house. 


Before he can make it out, her frustrated screams result in a purple barrier of light covering the access to the hallway. He bangs on it, and it glows with each pound. Nowhere to go. Whatever is happening to her, it wants an audience.  

"Please stay... "

Swallowing his pride, the man sits down, a few feet away from the card reader. She lets out a scream as pain erupts from her body, the force refocused to her.

Hands find her rear, bundled up in the purple robe draped over her body. Something thick and wide pushes out of her body. It presses down her shorts, growing out in between her legs. She falls forward,  stumbling to her hands and knees. Moving to sit upright, she shutters. The thick mass, her tail, moves past the cover of fabric and rubs against the carpet below. It's rounded mass is the biggest closest to her, at around 3 feet thick. Golden yellow skin covers most of it. As soon as it narrows a few feet away, a brown stripe marks this spot. Down to the end of the tail, it's a foot thick. A three-fingered hand feels this mass, tapping against the ground. Is it really her? The new limb sends her to a state of bliss, sighing content. She gets back to her feet, feeling stronger as the golden yellow skin from her tail is infecting the rest of her skin. 

Finding the strength to stand, confidence drives her along. She clutches onto her stomach, Feeling her muscles tighten to make her skinny there. Closing her eyes, an idea gets suggested to her head. The front of her hooded cloak floats upward as if a draft is pushing it up. it glows with a white light. Then, a perfect tear slices it from the floor, all the way to her midsection. A trio of red wavy lines in a horizontal set glows as they are seen. Moving to hold onto her hips, she feels her bikini area expand, growing firm. Her shoulders press out to little mountains, noticeable with the dimensions of the purple robe supported by the mass. It puffs outward, gaining a smooth layer of brown cartilage to protect her vital areas there.  With most of her done, she laughs as low as her show voice. 

"Ahh, this is magnificent! So much power... History... Focus... I love it."

All the gentleman can do is snicker, keeping his thoughts clear to just look at her, hoping that she'd be in control when she's done. The calm is disrupted as she extends a palm to him. His body glows with a purple light, floating off of the ground.  

With him suspended to the air, her grin widens. Literately. Brown lips expand, growing outward as her face pushes on to a vulpine snout a foot long. The edges of it open up to long, silky strands of fur, bundled up to a mustache. To contrast to the masculine design of the norm, they more resemble whiskers of an oriental dragon. Her ears crackle, expanding to tall pyramids. They twitch as fine motor control is found. Ending this, a red star grows out of her forehead. Her eyes glow to hollow purple lights, signaling the psychic control this new form grants her. And just at a whim, the man falls down on his rear, unharmed.

"Uhhh... Are you... Are you gonna hurt me?"

The Kadabra hybrid looks over to the frightened man looking up at her. With her arm lowering, she can't help but laugh.

"No, I see no reason why to harm you."

He sighs in relief. She raises a finger, and he floats an inch off the ground.

"But go and help promote my business, yes?"

As he scurries off, she wonders what else to do with her new-found powers. There will be more with that man and new customers. All she has to do is focus on a card of the tarot to guide her.