It's a quiet night at a home in a serene neighborhood. Inside, the lights are down low inside the living room. Crème carpet blankets the floors. A crème leather couch leaves a guy anxiously waiting for something. The guy? That's me- a glasses-wearing point-dexter with short brown hair, a green and grey flannel buttoned shirt, khakis, and dress shoes. Having come home to see my girlfriend, she has a heck of a surprise for me in store. I have no idea what it may be, but I see candles strewn about to illuminate the living room. Only a small lamp leaves the walk-in kitchen with light. Everything so far is screaming sexy-time. A note is on the nearby table, so I take a hold of it and read its contents. Wonder what it says?
9:22 AM lily: (What should it say, by the way? Lol. Oh, and can we not bring attention to the multiple nipples? That kinda creeps me out.)
9:24 AM Jim - YIM: (( Just a bit of a tease before you walk into the room from upstairs. Alright then. ))
9:32 AM lily: The note says "Turn around, big boy", and you do so. You see me standing in the staircase, wearing black sandals with high heels, silver earrings and a silver necklace, my long hair up in a tight bun. (Wearing this dress,default,pd.html?cgid=dr6&defaultOpt=true&all1=all)
9:34 AM lily: "Welcome home," I say, a big smile on my face. I have the smoky effect done on my eyes and red lipstick, accentuating my lips, which I lick slowly. "I've been waiting for you."
9:39 AM Jim - YIM: Taking a moment to realize that my intuitions were right, it takes a lot to simply wave at you. "Oh um, hey there..." Adjusting my glasses, this is far from anything that I would anticipate with the work day simply ending. Dang, you're certainly looking great in your attire. Eyes trail over to your legs and feet, feeling somewhat shy with being in such a position. "P-please come closer?"
9:43 AM lily: I walk over to you slowly, giving you time to take everything in. When I get closer, I spin around for you. "Well, what do you think? I bought this dress, today, just for you. Do you like it?" As I get nearer to the flames in the fireplace, the light begins reflecting off my necklace and earrings, giving them the appearance of sparkling. "I've missed you."
9:47 AM Jim - YIM: Absorbing your splendor, I have to remind myself that this in fact my girlfriend, not a model approaching me. Focus is achieved as I look over to your face. Such a fiery demeanor. "You look, stunning..." With all of your attention to this guy who pushes paper all day, to return and see this level of dedication? "I can tell, dear... You outdid yourself with all of this."
9:50 AM lily: I laugh softly and sit down on your lap, putting my arm around your neck. "Well now, I don't know about that. It's the least I could do! I haven't seen you in so long...why do you have to be so busy all the time?" As I pout, my other hand gets busy rubbing your chest through your shirt.
9:55 AM Jim - YIM: "I know, I know..." With a sigh, I feel your body get close to mine. Catharsis from a long time apart hits home. Succumbing to the comfort that you're providing, I lean back against your arm. My own arms go to work, with the right going around your back while the left rests upon your legs.
10:00 AM lily: I lean down, whispering into your ear "Did you miss me?" as my hand moves to start unbuttoning your shirt, working slowly. "You didn't find another girl to keep you company, did you?"
10:06 AM Jim - YIM: I shake my head no, my right hand rubbing along your ribs, and the left petting your knees. My gaze looks down to your legs, embarrassed of even asking such a question. You're joking for the latter, obviously, but it's not what I am used to. "Of course I missed you. Why would I stray?" With my eyes trailing to your feet, something is certainly happening. I thought that they're without polish, but soon they're looking rather... Darker. Almost as if they're painted, they turn to a bold grey color. "Goodness. Even got your toes done..." What the heck? They didn't look like that before. As for you, you're able to take a whiff at me, detecting a bit of the burger that I had hours ago.
10:09 AM lily: I grin as I look down at my toes. "Did you bring me a burger, too?" When my eyes rest on my nails, I furrow my eyebrows. "That's...strange. I didn't get my toenails done...and I certainly didn't paint them." I lift my leg up and inspect them. "Oh my don't think I have some kind..." I pause, then say softly, rather embarrassed, "fungus, do you?"
10:19 AM Jim - YIM: Something's going on. "Had a burger for lunch, 7 hours ago..." I look concerned, seeing your taken care of nails turn to a deep black. There's a bit of pain as the ends of them taper lightly, lengthening with a few audible clicks, ending with a quarter of an inch of growth. "What... What is happening to you...?" This wouldn't be something that a bad joke or dream would suffice to describe what happened.
10:22 AM lily: "Seven hours?" I repeat, frowning. "How the hell can I still smell it if you ate it seven hours ago?" My breathing quickens as my nails turn from a sickly gray to black, and I gasp when I can feel them growing, stretching out and taking my cuticles with them. "Fuck," I curse softly. "They're...they're getting longer...oh my God, what's happening? Why are they doing that?"
10:27 AM Jim - YIM: Reaction time? It's slowed. With what I thought was attention to detail turns out to be the beginning of stuff being abnormal. I'm all too late to react as I hear the same clicks, your fingernails growing and sharpening. As soon as I realize this, I let out a scream of pain. With my shirt open and white t-shirt exposed, I see lines of crimson forming from torn pieces of cotton. "Ahhhh!" I press your hand into the wound, but you notice the bits of red on your black fingernails. All I am doing is trying to stop the bleeding.
10:29 AM lily: "Oh my God! I'm so sorry! I-I didn't mean to do that; I didn't know...oh my god, are you okay? It's not that deep is it? Jim I am so so so sorry!" I hold my hands up in front of my face. My heart is racing when I see that my nails are getting longer, hissing in pain as they grow. "Jesus, what the hell is happening to me?!"
10:35 AM Jim - YIM: "Ugh..." I look over at the wound. They're rather shallow. Far from life threatening, the bleeding stopped thanks to your palm pressing down to the wound. It's at that point where we notice rough spots pressing out of there. You didn't think about it as concern for the wound was priority one, but we see it now. Can feel it now as your hands are in pain. So are your feet as your shoes are feeling tight with the protrusions growing at your soles. My left hand returns to pet your legs while the right moves to touch your cheek. "I have no friggin' clue... It'll be okay..."
10:39 AM lily: I run my finger tips over my palms...the skin is rough and hard, reminding me of my father's foot soles. I rub my palm again your neck, looking at you with a frightened expression etched on my face. "W-Why do my hands feel like this? Jim, what the hell is happening to me?" I feel your left hand rubbing my leg and it comforts me, but only a tiny bit.
10:47 AM Jim - YIM: There's so much to process. So much to fathom. Calculate. I can't find anything reasonable that would explain what is happening to you. My voice is close to a whisper, stating "I... I don't know..." As we ponder, whatever has a hold of you won't let go. With my hand on your cheek, it pets you there. However, I get a front row seat at what happens next. Your nose is growing moist, taking many breaths as the tip of it darkens. With a thumb, I rub at it, wanting to comfort, but can't help and be fascinated. Sickening cracks adjust your nasal cavities, collapsing your nose to a rather canine muzzle. "Good god...", I still whisper.
10:52 AM lily: "Ahhhh!!" I scream, clenching my teeth and squeezing my eyes shut, grunting through the pain that comes from my nose readjusting itself on my face. I open my eyes and cross them, looking rather silly as I look down at it. I try to feel it, but the new skin on my palms is just too thick for me to have any sensation in them now. "Jim please! Make this stop," I beg, tears forming in my eyes. "J-Jim, make it stop..." My voice trails off and I let out a loud sob, caused by both the pain and humiliation of whatever the hell is happening to me
11:00 AM Jim - YIM: Tension rises. I hear a loud deafening crack right in front. With the sobs, I hear the sounds of pain coming from your lips. Slowly, your nose and mouth expand, growing longer, moving away from your face. Bringing both of my arms around your neck is the only response that I can offer to your pleas of help- something that I am rather powerless to do anything about. As you grow that... What is that, a muzzle? My hands move to your eyes, wiping away some of those tears before weakly slumping with my arms to your shoulders. You're sporting a canine muzzle. An inhuman tongue feels newer sharper teeth. Your lipstick is stretched out with more lips than before. What isn't coated is black.
11:08 AM lily: Despite knowing in the back of my head that I can't feel the muzzle, I still paw at it...literally with my paws. I should know what's happening with every indicator that I'm receiving, but it's like my mind is choosing to stay ignorant to the fact. I suck in a deep, shaky, nervous breath and then attempt to say your name, praying that I can. "...Jim?" I exhale in a quick sigh and think to myself, oh, thank God, I can still talk! But what am I going to say? Beg you to make it stop? " an somebody...please...I am in so much pain..." I'm in your arms, trembling.
11:16 AM Jim - YIM: There's only one thing I can do in this situation. And that's to be here for you. Strength returns inside of my arms. The resolve that you can at least talk to me despite the changes... It's something, damn it. "I'm not going anywhere... Gonna stay right here..." While we are close, the contact with each other makes the next change something both of us can feel. Trying to fathom what is happening, I gasp as I feel your chest firming up. And by firm, we feel your breasts start to shrink, pulling into your body. Inside of your chest, another rib grows, replacing any indication of your mammaries. Bringing a hand under a shoulder strap to feel, it's rather smooth. "What's happening to you...", I wonder out loud.
11:19 AM lily: I cry out in pain as I continue to sob, tears streaming down my face as I feel my bones shifting to make room for the new one. The pain is so intense I feel that I could pass out at any second, but, unfortunately, it doesn't happen. I look down and moan; my muzzle is in the way, blocking my view, so I have to turn it to watch as my breasts literally sink into my body, which leaves my dress hanging limply against my chest.
11:24 AM Jim - YIM: It's at this point that I hear a soft crack coming from behind you. Since the loss of your chest made the dress loose, a hand feels along your back. That spine feels rather stiff, and I rub along it. It has the unexpected effect of starting a growth to appear at the base off your ass. Careful to touch this area, there's something that shouldn't be back there. It's rather foreign. I tentatively squeeze the small nub that I find, letting my curiosity get the better of me.
11:25 AM lily: (oh yay my favorite part hehe)
11:30 AM lily: I scream loudly when I feel your hand through...what is it...something I've never felt before. It's not my back, but it's back there...I turn my head, again unable to see what you're touching because of the damned muzzle. Whatever it is, it's causing me the most intense pain yet, and it's focused in one exact spot, just above my ass. "Jim," I whimper, "W-What is that? What are you touching?" Again, if I wasn't so scared and ashamed, my mind would say, "That's your tail, stupid", but I'm mind isn't assuming anything, isn't putting the pieces together.
11:41 AM Jim - YIM: I recoil in shock, sliding my hand higher to take a hold at the small of your back. That protrusion didn't feel natural. It was covered in human skin, but it was... Well... "A t-t-tail...", I stutter. Claws, paws, muzzle, and now a tail? My eyes don't hide the realization of what you may be becoming. Worse still, that... thing that's coming out of you seems to notice! As if toying with me, I feel the soft, pressing, almost wagging motion of it as I hold you tighter. Every few seconds, your tail snaps out longer by a bit, trying to get a hold of me. You're noticing my emotion, somehow.
11:50 AM lily: I can feel it pushing against your hand, then not, then your hand, and then not. "Oh my God," I say aloud, realizing what's happening. "Fuck it--it's moving...I'm not even making it,'s doing it on its it's fucking alive!" I push my face into your chest, forgetting that I have a muzzle, and whimpering when it slams against your body, smashing my nose. I turn my head and rest the side of my face against your chest, looking down at my muzzle as you continue to feel whatever is growing out of my back.
11:50 AM lily: Tears continue to stream down my face, and there doesn't seem to be any indication of them stopping anytime soon.
12:02 PM Jim - YIM: The tail grows alive, its nerves connecting properly to your neural network. Once connected, you wince as your body tries to make you move it around. Only about 6 inches in length, there is ample room for it to roam. As that happens, a sharp pain pierces your midsection, traveling down to your unmentionables. Its discomfort quickly subsides, turning to flood your body with endorphins. With a moment of bliss to rob you of coherency, fine hairs sprout out of your tail moving up and down. Over to your peach, its feeling rather stimulated. "Hair... The tail... I mean... Your tail is getting hair!"
12:10 PM lily: I feel my clit tingle inside the black cotton panties I'm wearing, and I gasp, this time because it's such a pleasurable, albeit unexpected, sensation. I look over my shoulder, letting my eyes drop rather than trying to look down (finally I learned to keep out of the way) and see my tail tenting out the back of my dress. I can feel the new appendage get warmer and itchy as the hairs sprout on it, the pores opening up to allow them to shoot out and coat it.
12:10 PM lily: As soon as I see the tail, any pleasure that was coming from my clit isn't enough to keep me from sobbing. "No...not a tail..I don't want a tail, I don't want a tail!!!"
12:20 PM Jim - YIM: The primal fear of finding out my girlfriend is some kind of werewolf... Is that even possible? Am I infected? I sigh softly, leaving my left hand to pet the back of your head, while my right is still holding onto your back tightly. Another sigh escapes me as I see the hairs increase in number. Fur now that covers the tail. It's blonde down there. With the rejection of your body trying to associate your changes as something to be happy with, pain returns. You feel your insides rearrange, organs moving, expanding, shrinking, all while still focused to the tail that has appeared. It strains against the dress, not helping your situation at all. It grows, coming out of your body with its complete fur intact. You can't stand for it existing, but as it grows uncomfortable against your dress, getting it free is something you desperately need to do.
12:24 PM lily: My shoulders shake with sobs as I watch my tail grow longer and longer, tenting out the back of the dress farther than I thought possible. It takes my panties with it, which makes them really tight on my clit, smashed up against it. I reach a hand...paw?...back, knowing that I need to get the tail out before I pass out from the pain the tenting is causing, but I pause...I just can't bring myself to do it. I look at you with a pleading expression on my face.
12:33 PM Jim - YIM: I lean my head against yours, feeling the trapped vibe that I get from the look on your face. By feeling the end of the tail up 8 inches to your dress, I feel the seams of some of the bandages. Finding the one where your tail is desperately trying to escape from, I bring both hands over to that spot. The left is over the dress while the right is under. "Okay, get ready..." Pulling as hard as I can at that weakened part of the dress, I hope that I can free you from your pain. With the sounds of ripping fabric, I cringe as the tail makes itself longer, all too eager to slide over your ass. *R-I-I-P!* With one long tear of clothing, relief comes to your sweaty, matted tail as it holds rigid. Tearing your panties apart, it falls. Once free to feel freedom, it hangs limp as it rests, a foot long now.
12:47 PM lily: "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" I let out a shrieking scream that stems from both the INTENSE pain that comes at my tail growing so fast, and also at the very fact that I seem to be transforming into some sort of animal. I can feel my tail back there, feel it hanging off my spine, and feel it hanging right over my ass crack. I move my hand back, letting it rest on my rough palm, and lifting it into my line of vision...the fur on it is so long and it's matted together from the sweat that built up on my ass as it was trying to grow through my dress. I look up at you and do something that, unfortunately, feels right--I lick your cheek.
12:47 PM lily: "Thank you," I say. Realizing what I just did, I moan and lower my face into your shoulder, still crying. "Ohhhh my god...what did I just do...what's happening?!"
12:56 PM Jim - YIM: What can I really say to offer some sort of reflection on how much it burns me to see you like this? Would it even matter? I let my next action dictate what would be the case of expressing things. With a sigh, I lean close to your cheek, giving it a long, drawn out kiss. The tail continues to slowly grow, pulling at you slightly with each new part. Yet with all of these things, the situation only gets worse as a new pain pierces your back. Sitting upright doesn't feel natural. Feeling you pull away in discomfort, I yell out. "Come on, stay with me!"
12:59 PM lily: I whimper, looking up at you. "I-I-I can' hurts...fuck, it hurts...I can't sit up like doesn't feel right!" My spine almost feels like it's pushing out of my body, fueling the growth of the tail. As soon as more tail grows out of my spine, it becomes instantly covered in long fluffy fur like the rest of it. The tail gets heavier, creating more and more of a pull on the base of my spine.
1:10 PM Jim - YIM: The tail... Blasted tail. You stand, holding onto your chest as the balance you have starts to shift. Unlike before where the tail was purely decorative, its continued existence is messing with how you should be. You look at your palms. The rough skin there darkens, forming distinct shapes. Rounded and curved, the thick skin puffs outward, somewhat rubbery and resilient. Fingertips gain an oval like your palms... Paw pads. I move to stand before you, placing my hands to your shoulders. "You... You have to! Come on, fight it!" The tail snaps, and you almost lose your balance, feeling sharp pain running through your back. The paw pads on your feet and toes making the sandals tight don't help. Standing is becoming rather difficult to perform. A voice echoes in your mind, sounding monotone, uncaring. "Dogs don't stand on two legs..."
1:13 PM lily: I put my paws on your shoulders, trying to stand up, but my arms and legs begin to tremble. The upper half of my body feels so heavy, and I begin thinking of how much better I'd feel if I were on all fours. "I--I can't..." The force of my paws against you becomes greater and greater as I literally begin to fall on you. I've held off as long as I can, but it seems that any minute I'll sink to the ground.
1:18 PM Jim - YIM: "Oh shi-" The upper body strength that you wield is too much for me to handle. Falling to my back, it knocks the wind out of my lungs. With you on all fours on top of me, the changes press on. Your fingers are growing rather clumsy, trying to hold onto me. Behind, your tail wags, another side of you growing rather excited at being unable to resist. Its flowing fur brushes up against the carpet, feeling rather comfortable.
1:27 PM lily: I see the tail out of the corner of my eye, and at first I think..."What is that?" and lunge in its direction. Almost immediately my mind screams WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! and I realize that I just nearly began to chase my tail. I lick my lips, something I used to do when nervous, but when I feel my long flat tongue running over my sharp teeth and long muzzle, I shudder. "Can't be on...all fours..." I say, panting, as the fall took a lot out of me. My tongue hangs out of my mouth, but I try to ignore it. I crawl close to the couch and put my two...paws...on it, trying to lift myself up. I use my arms, dragging my upper body onto the couch seat.
1:27 PM lily: "Ugh, J-Jim...h-help me...back up...
1:39 PM Jim - YIM: A few seconds pass, then I jump to life with a deep breath. Gasping loudly, I sit up, finding you trying to get upright again. Good. I gotta keep going... If you were alone and this happened, would you be fighting this with every fiber of your being. "Coming, coming..." I rise to my feet, bending over to put my arms underneath your own. As you try to push upright, I see your fingers. They're losing their joints, pulling into your hands so they resemble... No! "Okay, I am gonna count up to 3. On 3, push up! One..." Your tail reaches the floor, holding still as you're focused. Must be two feet long to do that, wanting to peer away from you, as a flag to signal the loss of your humanity. "Two..." Your ears! They're... Ugh! Pulling along the sides of your head, they open up to floppy ones, the once human curls and curves now covering your inner ears as flaps of blonde. Gotta keep going! "THREE!"
1:47 PM lily: I push up as hard as I can, but all my focus is switched when I feel my ears flopping against my head. II turn my head to either side, looking at them, feeling them flapping around as my head shakes. "AHHH! NO! NO NO NO! I DON'T WANT THIS! I DON'T WANT THIS!!"
1:55 PM Jim - YIM: In your recoil of terror, your tail wags, the other self excited that you're suffering like this. It's soft fur rubbing against your ass is almost relaxing, trying to drain your strength away. Your toes grip the edge of your sandals, not wanting to slip away from them despite how tight they must be. While your fingers are almost gone, they can't offer a good grip while you're distracted. I move before you, those paw-like hands holding onto my shoulders as best as they can. I push upward, straining. "Come on, you gotta get up! Get up now!"
2:00 PM lily: I grunt, pushing against you and trying to lift myself up with all my strength. My limbs begin to tremble once again as this movement is no longer what my body is made to do, but I just HAVE to make it happen. I lean against you, allowing you to support me, both of us pushing as hard as we can.
2:06 PM Jim - YIM: You're on your feet, and so am I, taking a hold of your body while doing so. Struggling to keep this up, I rest my head against yours, placing a quick kiss to your forehead, hoping that this little motion of defiance would be enough to stop what is making you change so drastically. My fears, however, are going into full force, as the black hair I see before me is pulling into your head. It's looking more blonde... Like those ears... And tail. Biting my lip, I choke back tears. Don't want to give up. Tasting blood, I hold onto the bite, feeling the hair, long and silky as it is, get shorter and shorter.
2:10 PM lily: I feel my hair lower itself over my face, popping out of the bun...then I feel a very strange super long hair is traveling up my back, dragging along my body as your hold me up. "Jim w-what's happening to my hair?" I say, the question coming out as a whimper. My legs are shaking more than my arms as they try to support me, and my back is radiating pain.
2:17 PM Jim - YIM: I can't respond. It's taking a lot out of me to hold composure. Your lovely hair pulls inward, brushing up against your tail before it moves above it. Small fine hairs creep out of your spine, at the same rate as your hair returns to your head. Your knees wobble. Trying to find good footing, one of your legs stomps to the ground. Carpet doesn't help this much.
2:20 PM lily: Shaggy blonde hairs are growing out of my scalp. I can feel them coming down over my forehead, over the sides of my head, my neck. I realize in horror that it will only be a matter of time before the fur covers my entire body. It's itchy and makes me feel hot, and I really really really don't want to be covered in the stuff.
2:25 PM Jim - YIM: Can't hold us up much longer. Many hairs are growing. My arms feel the ones that are coming out of your once smooth back. Looking into your eyes as if they would find the answers, I instead find golden yellow irises. This with bulk strengthening your back immensely, expanding slightly, is enough for me to lose focus and fall backward. Down to the floor we return, and those tears start flowing for me. My girlfriend is becoming a dog, and I don't want her to.
2:27 PM lily: I can feel my tail tucking in between my legs. "FUCK!" Now that I'm on the ground again, I know that I won't be getting back up. We tried and it didn't work, so it never would again. I shake my head, feeling my ears flop and the new hairs on my head settle into place. "I...I don't want this to happen," I sob pathetically. "God the a doctor...make it stop!!"
2:32 PM Jim - YIM: With you returned to the ground, the changes start to consume you. Your elbows flex wildly, before they lock in place- straight as your pawed hands slide to my shoulders. Creaking painfully, your elbows reverse their range of motion, making you all the more into a permanent quadruped. I look like I am lost, solemn in mind. "I don't wanna lose you..."
2:35 PM lily: If possible, my tail gets even longer and tucks itself further between my legs. I moan in pain when my elbows adjust themselves, my arms becoming unbend-able, forever doomed to remain straight. My nails keep getting caught in hooks in the carpet and my arm, from my shoulder to my fingertips, is burning with pain. The same pain is felt in my tail, which slides out a little more, slowly.
2:42 PM Jim - YIM: Over to your legs, they wobble as the last few tries to stand are made. With a loud snap, they're locked from any more movement. Muscle and skin covers the parts of your shins and thighs pressing against each other. Your feet lengthen, cracking as your heels slide past the tops of your footwear, trying to snap free. Your tail feels your legs locking into place, moving up to your navel, fluttering with fur. While your dress remains, the tail tucks around your groin region. Something feels wrong. There is something growing out of you, and while it feels downright orgasmic, you know it's wrong.
2:44 PM lily: I try to reach to my groin and feel what is's almost like my clit is...stretching? I lift up one paw and whimper, as suddenly, the second my paw leaves the ground, I feel like I'm going to fall over. I look up at you pleadingly. "Jim....s-something is happening...down there..." I nod with my muzzle towards my crotch. The pain coming from my legs as they readjust themselves makes me moan and hiss, gritting my teeth and scrunching my eyes shut.
2:51 PM Jim - YIM: Fur. That's all I see. All over your body, patches of fur are sprouting to replace the clean, brilliant skin that I thought I would be enjoying. Scooting underneath you, I bring a hand over to your tail, pushing it aside as I take a look at what's going on. "I... What... What is..." Feeling the edge of the sensitive area, it's smaller, moving the opening higher. Once there, it shrinks, but not without a protrusion expanding out of that sensitive area. A hand feels this new equipment, and... Yeah. Between your legs, swelling mounds grow out of you, coated in fur. "Do you... Do you feel this...?"
2:56 PM lily: I nod, trying to look down at you. "Uh-Uh huh. What is it? It...It can't be a..." I begin panting; with the fur now all over my body, and the fact that we are sitting near the fireplace, I feel suddenly hot, and the panting seems to actually make me feel better.
3:02 PM Jim - YIM: The straps snap away from your lengthening feet. Arched, their paws slam down on the floor, allowing their big toes up the side of your feet. Inbound dewclaws. Soft wrinkles get replaced by toned muscle, looking less human. Your hands are already massive paws, losing the articulation to hold onto anything. Fur is reaching everywhere, but your face is remaining. "It... It might be..." Feeling up the limb, it pokes up against your stomach, getting very firm to the touch. My fingers delicately touch it, reminding myself that it's you, not someone I don't know.
3:17 PM lily: I whimper with pleasure as I feel your fingers brushing against the fuck it is down there. I can't see it because of all the fur I've grown over my body. I turn my head, looking over my body, and see my furry back, then the dress, which has puffed up from all the fur that has grown underneath it. I look almost like a complete dog now, and I'm so humiliated to be this way in front of my boyfriend, more than anyone else on the earth.
3:21 PM Jim - YIM: "It's the least I can do dear, to hear you being happy... Please, keep talking." While rubbing along, what was once your feet have compressed to another set of paws. My other hand pets one of them, hoping you'd be able to move it any, but doubt it. So much of you is covered in fur. It's rather warm to be this close to you. That tail, still wagging. Excited by my actions, are you. "Hold me close, if you could?" There doesn't seem to be too much of you human anymore.
3:25 PM lily: I feel my tail beating behind me, brushing against my body or thumping against the carpet. "I...I can't hold you," I say sadly. "I can't lift my arms..." I do the best that I can and lift my muzzle, resting it on your shoulder, and leaning my entire body against you. I find myself sitting back on my haunches like a good dog, still panting from the warmth of my fur and the fireplace. This is certainly not how I'd intended the night to go...I don't want to be a dog, I don't want to be a dog!
3:31 PM Jim - YIM: Pulling back both of my arms, I see your face, and feel your body close to mine. My arms coil around your body, and I sigh softly, seeing you... For one last bit. A deep crunch at the crown of your skull makes you moan out in pain. It's quite excessive since it's an awful headache. I rest my head to your left shoulder, looking to you from the side. Fur is coming through from the back of your head and starting to take up your cheeks.
3:34 PM lily: I sob loudly, knowing that I'm nearly a complete dog...once my face goes, what little is left of it, nobody will be able to recognize me ever again...I'll just be a dog...a stupid, lowly, dog. I hear my skull cracking and then the pain hit me like a white hot iron and I moan loudly, groaning low and deep, defeated. "Jim," I sob, "I don't want to be a dog, I don't want to be a dog, I don't want to be a dog." I keep saying it over and over again, as if hoping it would stop the transformation.
3:40 PM Jim - YIM: Further now, my girlfriend gets robbed of her humanity. Deep into her throat, her vocal chords start to change. The ability to convey human speech is being replaced with primal sounds. A hand touches your cheek, petting it softly. The cheek structure is looking far less human and distinctly more canine. Fur has reached everywhere but around your eyes and muzzle. "You'll always be with me... Always..." I may say this to calm her, but I don't know what will happen when she doesn't look like the one that I care about the most in the world. Will you lose your mind as well...?
3:47 PM lily: I look up at you, letting out a very canine-like whimper. I open my mouth to speak but all that comes out is ARF ARF ARF!! Hearing myself bark makes me whimper even more. My eyes are darting around, watching as the fur covers my face, almost completely done with the change now.
3:53 PM Jim - YIM: What more is there left for your body to do? Those eyes... Still human eyes... The change takes them, expanding the irises to cover the eye. God, they look entirely golden brown with a black center. The fur covers everything. You start to shrink, instincts getting you to want the dress to be stripped from your body. The tears flow as I feel your human stature slip smaller, only wanting me to embrace you more. At around 2 feet tall and having a tail 6 inches long... Is that it?
4:01 PM lily: I look up at you and bark, happy to see you, my owner. Arf arf arf arf!!! My tail begins wagging behind me faster than ever, and I jump up, my paws on your chest, and lick your face. Arf arf arf! The tears stop falling from my eyes as realize that I'm exactly where I want to be.
4:04 PM Jim - YIM: A sigh escapes my quivering lips. For whatever may be, what was her, is in this life form. This golden retriever. The memory that I have is still all too fresh in my mind, but now there is this dog to keep some company. Hanging my head in regret, I let you lick away, resigned to your fate.
4:04 PM Jim - YIM: -out
4:05 PM lily: yay! that was great
4:09 PM lily: hope you enjoyed it too