Away from the world, I stay hidden behind boulders at a little alcove in a cavern. The setting is an underground private beach with fish pokemon swimming without a care in the world. Myself? I'm waiting for some gent whom wants a simpler life. What a request- a more animalistic hybrid transformation. The Ditto within certainly doesn't mind the prospect. A black shirt covers my chest. Black shorts hang underneath my waist. Sneakers cover my feet with ankle socks. Not fond of sand. I'm the PoKeHybrid Trainer, Jim, bored out of my skull. After what feels like forever and a day, the person wanting me to change their life walks at the edge of the surf.
The guy is wearing some brown shorts, a blue shirt, and a belt with some peculiar orbs on six sections. Pokeballs. I think about leaving this guy in the dust, but one by one, the man stares at each orb, maximizing their size, and releases his sea pokemon one by one. Must have tried to wing it as a fisherman. He has short black hair, straight and parted down the middle of his head. He made it through without footwear. Pulling out a cell phone, he types at it furiously.

My phone vibrates, and I have a text conversation with him.

FishDudeTroy: Ready if you are. Ya here, Jim?
SquallxLightning: Yea, hidden. Sure to change?
FishDudeTroy: More than anything.

I aim my right hand over to where he is standing, several yards away. Light fills inside of my palm, spreading to a white orb. From my palm, a little pink ball exits from there. The orb turns pink, hiding the parasite within the orb. I pull my arm back, and then push forward to launch the orb which I assume would be Troy. He winces at the shock, trying to narrow down where the push came from. I move to behind some other boulders, effectively hidden with shadows obscuring my location.  With that, I peer at the person becoming part pokemon.

He first feels his legs, rubbing at their bare shins. The hairs on his skin pull back into his body, making the rubs feel smooth to the touch. Water excretes from his pores. Sky blue takes over his usual skin color. Dark blue spots appear on his thighs and forearms, as well as his neck. His jaw, underside of neck, the front of his stomach, palms, and soles turn to a light cream color. The skin is moist all over, it feeling comfortable for the ambient wind to cool him.

"Eyaaaaahh… Uhhhh… I… I'm changing… I'm really changing…" Troy coos to himself.

At this point, he would be considered a gijinka, but the desire to be a pokemon pushes the changes further. Amused, he looks at his hands, growing, expanding by several inches. The connecting fingers thicken with them, being bulky for fine motor control. Sharing the same color as his skin, webbing forms in between his fingers. He feels the new skin being thick when pressed upon another finger, but soft to the touch. Below, his feet arch up and down as they too expand. Toes grow out longer, thickening with skin and webbing. They cease at 20 inches long, and about 10 inches wide.

With the relaxing sounds of the water, the ex-fisherman's body cracks as bones grow at the rest of his body. This growth spurt pulls his arms and legs out longer than proportionally- 4 feet long for each. He hums happily, feeling his t-shirt rip apart and fall to the sand. Those brown shorts rip apart from behind. A pointed, stubby tail slides past his shorts, visible as he turns around to see it cover his rear. It lacks strength as his hips are enough to split open the shorts, slapping his butt lightly. At ten feet tall, he has a thick frame being inches thicker all around. His chest expands a good degree, with internal organs adjusting to his final form. Lungs grow to take in great gulps of air as well as manifest the ability to take in oxygen from water. He muses at how he looks at the moment

"Oh… Oh wooowgh…" he moans, easily now twice the size he was before.

Studying himself gets interrupted as his neck starts to ache. The pain intensifies as his neck pushes out longer. He gasps in pain as his spine presses out bit by bit, growing his neck to be an inch, two, 6, 12… then 2 feet, settling at 3 feet high. It's thicker than before, but is as flexible as a snake's body, able to hang his head upside down to look himself over.  His head throbs, making him look down to the water to see what is happening to him there.
The center of his forehead presses outward, making a thick horn grow from there. His head protrudes outward to a rounded snout, replacing his nose with it. A flat tongue feels the new end of the snout, licking the new pair of slits for nostrils. Up above, his ears compress to rounded buns of blue flesh. They expand and run up higher than his ears should be.

"Ooooh… P…Praaas… Oh my, eeeee!"

Troy embraces his tall form, happy with how he is. 13 feet tall and really built to last, he can go off to be one with nature- as well as go off to be with his released pokemon friends. But, as soon as his feet touch the water, I extend my right hand out to him. He falls to his stomach, submerging in water.

There's a lack of confusion while his body twists from a hybrid form to become something even more pokemon than human. Arms and legs crackle and snap as they move against their human ranges of motion. They settle sticking away from his body horizontally instead of vertically. Blubber covers his arms and legs. His neck dislocates, rising up out of the water, to be locked normally away from his body. His bare back grows rough- a shell forming at the room that would make him a living mode of transportation. It shapes to a dome with several hollow blunt knobs making it easy for pokemon and humans to ride him. Looking down at his form, he cries out in glee.  

"Oooooooohhhh" he cries out, it's pitch raising higher. "Oooh Lapraaaaaaaass!"

Now freed of having to stand on two legs on Earth, he squirms out of the beach and into the open water. Swimming out of the cave, he starts to sing high pitched notes, attracting some pokemon to follow his happy song. I smile, making my way out. Nice. Another satisfied customer.