You sit around with a bunch of books around you in a gal's room. You're in such a place to be with a private tutor. She insists to be in an environment away from school in order to learn in comfort. You're in casual wear- Slippers, sweats, tee. She comes in with her silver-rimmed glasses, hair pulled back to a pony tail, a purple robe covering most of her body, with purple fuzzy slippers on as well. She's ready to get cracking to the books, but you want her wishes granted as well as your own.
     So it begins. She asks you what she can do to make you even more comfy. Your will instills the start of changes to alter her. Her legs start to become visible from the bath robe, growing longer. She is only partially aware that looking down on you, you're looking a bit smaller. You insist that you're fine with her being around, to just get used to being in a gal's room. Her hands slide past the sleeves of the robe. Her neck becomes exposed. It's getting... tight for her chest.
     She tries to play off what is happening to her by tying down her bathrobe, but that does the opposite- accentuating her visible figure. She tries to change the subject, but you snicker as the thick chord of a Mewtwo tries to seperate out of her neck as a lump. You let her know that she is becoming something better. Her eyes widen, and she stares at you in fright. But as soon as that happens, there is a distinct pulling of threads being seperated by expanding feet. Down below, she groans at her feet filling up the fuzzy fabric covering them.
     Her toes wiggle wildly, pressing up against the edge of the slippers. Five points of contact press up against the fabric. She stands over you, holding onto her head. Below, the pair of five points start to slide along to sections of 2 and 3. The toes meld together, making a pair of digits press tightly against the fabric. She groans, feeling the fabric rip apart her growing feet. Four thick toes clench the carpetted floor, heels digging below her. The feet inch forward, up until two feet long, her thickening and nailess toes brushing up against your knees. From her neck, she cries out as the chord seperates away from her body. Unused parts of her mind start to open up, making her pant as her heart is working overtime.
     She trembles restlessly, trying to grasp what is happening to her. Neither asleep or awake, her eyes roll up inside of her head as she seeks the answers to her questions. Adorning the room are a lot of geeky stuff. The action figure of Einstein is a nice touch. As she seeks, the damp skin covering her body becomes... Shiny. The human layers of skin firm up to a rubbery design, repelling the sweat as good as a car can with water. Through her hair, blunt horns poke outward. This force pulls away her hair from a simple ponytail to be wild behind her, growing longer to greet her ankles. Up and down her heels move, arching, trying to stay flat on the ground. With her ankles expanding outward, they lock in place, standing further higher to the ceiling. Fortunately the room is dead center of an arch- there is ample head room to stand tall.
     As she opens her eyes, the normal look is much sharper now- animalistic with large white eyes with black orbs at the center. The eyebrows turn soft, as her composure gets lighter and more friendly. Unknown to you, she gets a hold of your plan for her. Changing her so she can be the smartest person in town if not the state? Not to mention having a form as physically strong as her mind. Logic says she wouldn't believe you if you asked, so you acted. Purple hues coat her sturdy hide, with a dark purple covering her stomach. Grabbing onto her rear, she plays with her rear end, rubbing it carefully as something grows out from the area. Her fingers clump together to thick ones ending with a rounded fingertip. It's functioning like a back massage device. You smile as a thick, meaty tail expands and travels south. Between her legs, a slowly swaying tail thickening and lengthening with every murmur of pleasure makes it's appearance. It slides down to the carpet, swaying along and moving to be stiff so you can see it. Yeah, her lower half is visible, as much as her massive feet step for the first time, but skin covers her southern unmentionables. She murmurs, raising a hand to the air. You float upward, still sitting on your heels. Eye to eye, she snickers at how you can't stop looking her over. 
     Speaking through your mind as thoughts, a smile forms on her purple lips. <Don't worry, little friend. You're in good hands... Paws? Whichever. You can see and touch, but we still have to study.>