The advent of the college semester leaves little to be desired for the masses of a particular dormitory. However, this day will be transcribed to memory- not only for the liberation of parents. Today, moving in would be eventful for a perky gal.
       Sandy isn't a female that desires to be with the in-crowd. Her dorm room reflects this. While anime posters hang up to her dorm room walls, a collection of manga and novels are crammed in a bookshelf as tall as she is. Plush dolls occupy empty spaces on a computer desk. As for herself, she enjoys being comfortable in her new home.
       Brown eyes peer at the room entirely furnished. They're behind a pair of thick glasses. Locks of curly golden blonde hair rest along her cheeks, going as long as her shoulders. A grey sweatshirt covers her chest. It's nice and baggy for her plump but not fat frame. Down below, short brown shorts hug closely to her thighs. Further down, her feet wobble around idly in white flip-flops. Light green nail polish adorns all of her nails. At 5 foot 6, she's of average height. Done with the busywork of making herself at home, she allows herself to unwind.
       With slow, deep breaths, Sandy smiles as she looks at herself before a body mirror on a door. Soft fur slips out of her open pores. Hands touch the exposed fur. Light crème in color, it isn't far off from her natural skin tone. Her hands slip the shorts an inch down, making room for a curly tail. She winces at the protrusion of her tail bone, but quickly adjusts as she sees it curl around her knees. The tail itself is crème colored like the rest of her, about an inch thick and 4 feet long. The last 6 inches of it are covered in brown fur. She giggles as she feels her feet widen slightly- her toe tips gaining paw pads. This only makes gripping sandals even easier. Brown fur consumes her feet. The ends of all of her nails taper to blunt points, maintaining their green polish.  Her ears start to get numb, and she holds onto them lightly in her hands. They slowly move upward. She giggles as her ears move to the top of her head, rustling in her hair. The human cartilage of her ears open up, rebuilding her ear canals to be much larger and moved around. Through Sandy's hair, large rounded triangles sprout. Their backs are covered in fine crème fur, while the outer edges in front have black fur. Sensitive pink skin is in front of them. From her jaw, she feels a pair of protrusions press out from the sides of her head. She gingerly caresses the smooth crème stalks with a few fingers each until they stop growing at a foot long. Beside the inner edges of her new ears, another pair of protrusions akin to the ones close to her cheeks presents themselves. Carefully looking at her face, she grins as a tooth from each side of her lips poke out. Her eyes focus on her forehead with an oval pressing through her skin. Painlessly, the oval slips out to be clearly visible- a coin of polished gold. Her eyes grow slightly as she stares at the charm on her head. Her eye sockets open up to house larger eyes. The brown human irises that have observed the changes narrow to very feline slits that run almost as tall as her larger eyes.  Complete, she curls her hands slightly to resemble paws, keeping them by her ears. Sandy is a cat girl after all. All is well, until the mirror she's looking at parts from view- the door that houses it pulls open.
       A perplexed guy looks at the happy but otherworldly roommate musing before him. He unceremoniously topples backward and passes out of shock. She quickly closes the door as he falls, murmuring from fright, unsure what to do now.
       Sandy sits down on the brown carpet to keep vigil of the door. Minutes pass. She considers changing back and trying to play off what happened as a dream to the gent. Those plans are dashed away as the door opens slightly. The fear of her discovery quickly subsides- a small plushie with a quivering hand is visible. A meowth one, of course.
      "H….hey…. Nice kitty girl…?", the guy says, full of fright. Surely he musters all of his courage in an attempt to make friends with the life form he knows for a grand total of 3 seconds. "I… I'll give you this little guy, and promise not to tell a soul what I saw, if you promise not to, um, rip me to ribbons, um…"
       She quickly realizes a few things. One, the door separating each dorm should have been a wall as the apparent co-ed dorm half-assed their remodeling. Two, the guy whom should be running for his life is trying to make nice with a plush doll. Three, a guy with pokemon plush dolls is her roommate. Moving down to the floor, she presses her face against the visible hand. Once there, she opens the door slightly to see who is there. A skinny guy with curly brown hair looks at the cat girl nuzzling his hand. She sees a bunch of video game posters in his room. A small mountain of plush dolls hangs in a net over his bed.
       "I don't bite… See?", she says. Her voice is very high in this state. "Purrr…" Sandy swipes the door wide open, looking at the guy on his knees while she's on all fours. Would he prove to be a fellow friend? A confidant? Who knows. With the new semester, it's time to learn about books, and life.