The night is cold, especially for those whom have no heating in their home. With Fran, not paying for heat is a calculated risk. With money being tight, having a supernatural gift works plenty for the bills. At bedtime, the gift has its ideal reward.

Under the covers, she looks herself over. A pink top covers her torso in fabric, with a string of fabric around her arms where her sleeves should be. Down below, pink shorts go as far as before her knees. Goosebumps start to form on her bare skin, but she isn't concerned. Closing her eyes to focus, she thinks about what she would like to be. Once opening them, she smiles as the bumps recede inside her skin.

The transformation starts with her body growing fur at almost every corner. She curls her hands around her shoulders, feeling the silky red strands press out of her pores, raising her body temperature. Around her neck, a thick tuft of yellow fur grows outward to function as a poncho, unhindered by her clothing. Sweat pours from her head as a curl of yellow grows from her forehead. Up and down, her hands rub along her hands, making friction with the pads forming underneath her fingertips and palms. They're yellow and slightly rough to the touch. Down below, she alternates feeling her legs with her feet, growing the same kind of pads underneath her toes and at the balls of her soles.  All of her nails sharpen slightly, but stay in a humanistic tone due to her nature. The alternate form keeps her mostly human if with a few alterations.

To the end of the changes, the focus moves with the animalistic side of Fran. Although she can't see what is happening, she is aware that her eyes have become black ovals. Feeling her nose get itchy, she presses down at it with her palm pads. It alleviates the slight discomfort of her nose and mouth to grow outward by half an inch. Her nose tightens to a black triangle with nostrils, growing rough to feel like sandpaper. Inside her body is like a furnace, after all. Black smoke juts from her small muzzle, before ceasing to emit out of her. The internals of her body are now suited for their fire producing traits. She feels her ears poke through her hair, growing longer to 4 inches and open up to diamond-shaped membranes. Almost elf in design, she feels their shape in between two fingers. She slips her shorts down a bit, letting a thick tuft of yellow fur grow out of her backside without hindrance. It's massive in its shape, moving to coat her rear, down her knees, and ending to be a warm cushion for her feet. 4 feet long and 3 feet wide, the tail would be the most viable if she went outside like this. Finished, she pulls the comforter of her bed over her body.

Since it's a Saturday, the laziness of a warm bed and sleeping late will prove to be most desirable after a chilly week. Nodding off to sleep, she hears herself happily growl, finding comfort once again.