After a drab day of work, a pair of friends meet up online. Over to a discussion with two people, a video chat leads to an odd suggestion. With a hand motion that looks funny, the man on the other side of the camera speaks clearly.
"Why don't you become a Pikachu, okay?"
     Out of the camera that was given from him as a gift, a flash of light temporarilly blinds the woman looking onward. Before she could realize why she heard such an odd request, she can't help but release groans of pain. There was something inside that camera that is working it's way with her. 
     Setting her arms to the table before her, there is a moment of fascination as her skin turns yellow. The suprise turns to horror as claws sharpen out of her fingernails. Small pawpads expand from her fingertips. Then, her arms pull into her shoulders, shrinking her hands down to 2 inch long nubs. Horrified, she stumbles to her nearby bed on her stomach. She flexes her feet, feeling their movements grow weak as yellow covers the exposed skin. Discomfort exists as she feels her legs pull into her torso, shortening them by a few inches. Further along, she can't feel her pointed toes in the air. Ontop of what's left of her legs, a tail slides out from her rear. It flops as she gasps at the all too familiar heart top tip. The distinction of a female Pikachu is all too obvious. Crawling desperately back to her chair, she looks over to the camera that's peering her every move. Suprisingly, her so-called friend isn't there. Taking an attempt to move her tail, success! She can see herself from another window on her computer. Face looks normal... but that soon changes. Looking up to the camera, she grits her teeth at the pain that her face is causing her. Her nose presses inward, growing black and wet. She shuts her eyes, trying to bare the pain of her face jutting outward slightly for her muzzle, while it's still in human proportions. The meditation breaks, having large triangular ears slip out of her hair. She opens her mouth to howl, seeing black orbs that were once her eyes. Red circles are on her cheeks. "A...Ah... Ahhh... Pii... Piiiii.. Piikkaaaaahhh..." Her clothes fall over her diminished body, passing out from the pain. 
     Awakened a short time later with a male gasp from her computer, there's no mistaking it. She's a Pikachu. Yet, her mind is still very much a human's. Noting her decency, she pulls a blanket to drape over most of her body. Only her teary eyes are visible to the stunned man on the other line.
"I... Oh man. Saying I am sorry would not suffice..."
     The black orbs look downward. She'd cry if she wasn't afraid of the sounds her new vocal chords would make.
"This was supposed to be a hybrid change, not a full one... Let's see. One of these buttons are supposed to revert you."
     Hope fills her eyes to open wide. Maybe her friend didn't mean to do this to her. Tiny paws cover her mousey lips. A control panel looking like an arcade stick is visible.
"Here goes nothing!"
     Eager for her situation to improve, she slips into her clothes as best as she could, wishing, praying that what he does can cure her dillema. With a yellow light, there are definate signs happening. Rapidly, she feels her arms and legs push outward. Hips, a stomach, neck, and head regain a very human definition. She feels her fingers hold onto her desk, and her human soles arch, toes reaching the floor. Opening her eyes, they are still black. What happened? She's still yellow all over. Big Pikachu ears and a tail are still attached. Red circles are on her cheek and the tip of her nose is still black. Once done, she speaks. 
"Answers. Now."
The man on the other end sighs, nodding.
"Well, it all begins with that camera I got you for Christmas..."
Clearly, this situation is going to be a bother, as the two of them have to weather through the storm.