Living in a farm can be a drag. Just ask Bessie- a farmer's daughter. She always protests having to work the land that keeps a roof over her head. Despite her upbringing, she is a normal girl whom enjoys being with her friends. On this day, however, no one can blame her for wanting to be normal.
       Before she could run off and hang out with her friends, Bessie needs to take care of the weeds growing by the apple trees. She detests the boring work, but her dad is within earshot of the trees- only 100 feet away. Despite the chore, she is already dressed for venturing out on the town.
       Blonde hair flows from her head, curling in the autumn wind. A red tank top is tucked into her light brown khakis, ending up at brown boots laced up her shins. The fallen leaves crackle under her movements. They cease as she looks at an out of place tree.
       The tree is quite out of place. For one, it's only a foot tall. The trunk is segmented in many curves, not unlike a tropical tree. Its leaves are very large, only having four palm leaves at the top of the tree. Thinking it's a weed, she plucks it from the leafy ground very easily. A green mist sprays outward from the roots. It's at that point where she falls down to her knees and holds her stomach in pain.
       Changes assault her body, starting from her feet. The ends of her toes compress to heavy silver claws, moving to the edge of the boots. She becomes unable to move her toes as the claws replace her toes entirely. They feel as cold as the claws growing outward. Grunting lightly, her boots tear in front with five uneven claws greeting her from below. She winces and holds herself up with her hands so she will not sit on the claws. The rest of her feet grow outward, becoming a few sizes too small for their coverings. Unlacing her boots, she gasps at how her feet force themselves to arch. Resting them on the ground feels as normal as standing flat-footed. Slipping them away, she wonders where to get such nice boots again. The escapist thought gets sidetracked as her back starts to ache.
       Pressing against her shirt, a red growth expands at the center of her back. It drags her shirt to be above the growth and away from her waist. It resembles a bulb, clearly visible as she looks back at what is happening to her. It swells to be a foot tall and a foot wide. Once finished, a thought of instinct forces into her mind. She fumbles with the belt of her pants, finding it hard to maneuver the belt with thick silver claws replacing her fingers. Tearing the belt and button of the khakis is enough to let them slide off her hips. A foot presses the fallen pants underneath her body. A sigh of relief comes out of her lips. Despite the cold outside, the sun on her skin makes her feel warm.  Being rewarded for complying with such an animalistic act, the base of the bulb opens up at her spine. She feels four leaves press outward, but no discomfort is associated with them. These leaves look familiar…
       'Darn leaves.' She thinks. 'Darn trees. And now I am becoming one?'
       Bessie stays in her position, resigning herself to her fate. A thick and round nub presses outward to her panties.  She feels the limb wiggle to grow out for a few inches. She sighs in frustration, hoping that the stretched undergarment would hold on, even though she can hear it tear. Large rounded shapes press outward at various places from her skin. While she doesn't bother to touch the dark green areas on her thighs and arms, the spots on her rib area feel hard as her shirt rests upon them. The ends of her hair darken, becoming a grassy green in color. It travels upward to replace her natural blonde shade. She sniffles, granting attention to her head.
       Gritting her teeth, her face feels off. First, her teeth sharpen to edged points, poking out of her lips. Then, her nose and jaw protrude outward, cracking as a snout is visible. The human shape of her nose melts away to a rounded edge with slits for new nostrils. Her upper portion of her snout and cheeks become speckled with dark green shapes, "freckles",  matching the other ones on her body. The reluctant farmer's forehead protrudes slightly, gaining larger dark green shapes as well. Although she can't feel it, she sees her field of vision expand taller. Bessie's eyes grow bigger, stripping their brown irises for black slits. Behind, she feels her ears move along her head, opening up to large smooth triangles. They twitch slightly, already adding to the unknown feelings her changing body give her.
       A sea of sea green robs her skin of their human color. Anguish boils up at the fiber of her being. 'This isn't right! Why am I like this?!' She screams outward to the sky, seeing the last of her normal skin on her snout become the same as the rest of her. "AHHHHHH! HEEELLL…. EEEELLLLLP…" But even her voice is taken away as it sounds lower, as if a frog is in her throat. No longer able to keep composure, she cries out at the top of her lungs. "IVY… SAUUUUUUUUUUR!"  
       From the noise that came from outside, the farmer leapt up from the kitchen to abandon his coffee. He fears the worst if an accident happened to her daughter. Running as fast as his legs could carry him, he bolts to go into the circle of apple trees. He finds what he wanted, and puts a hand over his mouth in shock. With the mess of clothes and the humanoid Ivysaur on all fours on top of them, he could only utter out one thing.
      "Heavens to Bessie! What happened to you?"
      The Ivysaur PoKeHybrid rolls her eyes. "Ivy… Sauuuurgh… D… Do I have to stay here? I… I still wanna go out!" Even in such a calamity, her dad is still her dad and she is still herself. At least she'll have an understanding excuse why she's late to the friends' hangout.