The sky is grey with dust and debris blocking the sun’s rays from shining on the Earth. Many people struggle to survive in this post-apocalyptic world they live in. On this day, a band of soldiers relax on the chance that they do not have to fight to survive. A small camp is their outpost to live out the rest of their days. However, this day will be just as traumatic like every day to fight within a Fog of War.

Operation 1: Pennies From Heaven

     One of the few makeshift points of luxury in this day and age, a conventional bathroom is well covered by several sheets of metal awning. It’s made well before the meteor strike plus several decades. The tub bears little white legs to support itself on each side. Inside, the shy genius, Isabella, takes a relaxing bubble bath. Typical white tiles surround her vision. A toilet and sink are very close to her for her convenience. Her clothes are hanging up to the side of the sink. “Hee hee…” She giggles, enjoying the simple pleasures of the bubble bath Will left for her. By thinking of him, she becomes lost with the fond memories of her time spent with him. He’s so kind to me… Oh I must do something special for this relaxing time! Maybe I’ll try and make those sandwiches he likes! The gentle thought is pushed aside as a part of her neurological programming presents her.

     Isabella’s conscious mind opens up to the subconscious intelligent mind that was used to do awful things she had forgotten. With that part of her personality opened, she can calculate what’s around her. Above the clouds, a bomb is falling. Its destination is right where she is. The warhead appears to be headed right towards me. Its trajectory isn’t one that would fit a Bomber, but it’s a wide arc as if it’s from a cannon. She looks beside herself, analyzing the situation while draining the water from the tub. A device able to fire at such force would have to be from Caulder’s… Back and forth, she rocks the tub from side to side with her body weight. With each shifting movement, she’s able to get a hold of a large towel to rapidly keep her dry. …no. That would mean someone else is using the remains of his base. In the process of a few seconds from her smarter self to being completely dry, less than 10 seconds have passed. There isn’t anything that could be done to avoid the bomb from falling at my location. She quickly pulls on her clothing, except for a worn-down jacket at the other side of the sink and her shoes. I have to do what I can. I have to be able to live this new life with… 20 seconds have elapsed since first sensing the attack. She keeps on reaching outward for the jacket. Once holding onto it, the little legs under the tub shatter. All she can do is scream out for the one who gave her life. Her scream echoes on, until she is suddenly silenced.


     Oh no… Isabella!

     Complete in his battle dress, Will bolts out of the Mess Hall. Everyone in camp hears the cringing whistle of a bomb falling right towards them. Lin, giving chase, tries to grip onto his shoulder, but is held back by Dr. Morris. He shakes his head, not wanting her to interfere. She is able to yell out a warning for him. “Will, don’t! It’s dangerous to go alone!” Fueled by hope, he believes that he could be able to get Isabella clear to safety. “How do you think Isabella feels?”, he shouts back to her. Please don’t let that bomb fall unless we’re safe… Please be okay… I’m coming to protect you…! Lin tries to go towards Will, but finds that her shoulders are being held down firmly.

     She turns to Dr. Morris, looking furious. “Let the boy be. When life hands him a road block, he chooses to step over it! Hah hah!” “There’s a bomb falling and you must keep on going with your outrageous banter?” “I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I don’t know the answer.” With that response, his grip on her is released. Taking the opportunity, Lin holds onto the hand of Dr. Morris and tries to catch up to Will.

     The lavatory is within sight of the optimistic hero. There! I can throw a towel over her and pick her up ou- The sudden screech of the bomb falling to earth is deafened by the blast of the bomb. The bomb explodes upon contact with the sight of blinding light filling the area. He feels some debris collide with his chest, but he still presses onward. His arms rise upward to shield his head from the light. Far away, Lin and Dr. Morris have already taken cover. Once the blinding light faded, he charges right at the wooden door ahead. Tears swell up from his eyes at the sight that he sees.

     Sheetrock and metal are strewn all over the room. The mirror above the sink is nothing more but broken glass. The sink shattered to a million pieces. Yet strangely, the tub is upside down. “Isabella… Isabella, is that you?” Little delicate hands peek out of the tub. They struggle to lift the heavy tub. Will moves forward to push what’s keeping her covered. He sees Isabella curled up to a ball, holding onto his jacket, whimpering lightly. “W..W..W..willlll!” His arms wrap around her head to keep her close to him. “It’s okay… I’m here…” She whispers to his ear, shivering. “I… I’m so scared…” “I know… I know. Everything’s alright…” He picks her up onto his arms. His jacket rests against her chest while her arms cradle his neck. “No… No…” While holding her in his arms, her eyes start to grow weak. Tired eyes look up to the worried boyfriend. “Isabella…” A few fingers go to feel her neck. Her pulse rate is falling… “ISABELLA!” Feeling a heavy burden in his hands, he runs out of the destroyed room. Lin and Dr. Morris arrive just in time to see Will run towards them.

     “Doc! Isabella’s hurt… We gotta do something, fast!” The doctor brings his left hand to stroke his own chin. “Something about that bomb… There’s structural damage, but not enough with that payload… Some kind of radiation must be making her sick.” He looks over to Lin. “Hurry my dear! Run as fast as you can and turn on the breaker for the OR (Operating Room)!” “Right!” She runs off. “Will my boy, let’s go! You bet that this roadblock will be overcome quicker than you can say-“ “No time, doc, let’s GO!” The group make it as fast as they can to the makeshift medical office. Once inside, Dr. Morris sets up Isabella’s body with I.V. fluid. Will doesn’t stray from her side.

     An hour passes since the attack was dispersed. No other buildings were targeted except for the one Isabella was on her own. Everyone fears for the absolute worst- that Caulder has something to do with this calamity.

     “Caulder… He had the compassion of an icicle and the generosity of a pawnbroker.” Dr. Morris shakes his head, coming to the conclusion that he’s responsible for the attack. He monitors several computer screens keeping track of Isabella’s vital signs. Somehow still on her feet, Lin assesses the situation.

     “No, without a shadow of a doubt, we did take care of him. Destroying his base also took care of the cloning facility that was deep within. He was so sure that he would not fail, that its power supply was in the same place as his cannons. When we stormed his cannons, the facility went down with it.” Her eyes are focused to a dossier of the mission reports against Intelligent Defense Systems. Oblivious to why it happened, Will is only concerned for Isabella breathing quietly.

     “Dr. Morris… Is she going to be alright…?” He strokes her forehead with his left hand, careful to keep her sleeping soundly. “For now, she seems to be stable. I administered an I.V. bag of Rad-X to purge out the toxins inside of her body.” “So she’s fine?” The doctor sighs, shaking his head to say no. “Her white blood cell count is still up despite the treatment I administered.” Lin lowers the folder so she can look at Dr. Morris. “So what are you saying… She’s still wounded from the radiation of the bomb?” The chubby black guy adjusts his glasses. He turns around to look at everyone. “That’s the thing… I thought her biology would differ than ours to read radiation. But… Here.” He pulls out from his pocket, a hand-held device with a rod at its end. He turns it on, sweeping it over her body. Lin looks surprised that he has such a device. “That’s a Geiger Counter… That’s an artifact that detects radiation in an area… It’s supposed to click when encountering radioactive materials or people poisoned with it.” Will’s eyes light up with a glimmer of hope. “So if that thing isn’t saying or reading anything…” Morris nods. “Yes, she doesn’t glow-in-the-dark as if she was handling dangerous atomic materials.” Will frowns. “But we still aren’t sure what’s wrong with her.” The frown on his face is turned up to a smile as Isabella gasps loudly.

     “Isabella… You’re okay!” Her eyes open slowly. They focus themselves as Will smiles. She looks over to him, confused. “W…W… Will… I…” “Isabella… What’s wrong…” “I… My body is… I…” The pale-skinned girl brings her right arm, free of I.V.s, over Will’s neck. Dr. Morris and Lin approach the hospital bed, looking very concerned. “My girl… Your skin…” “Will… Her skin looks so pale… Too pale! Her skin is as white as snow!”