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1/3/15: Getting back in the habit.

PKHT - Jim Boom

Stuff has been slow. Life stuff, work, and family stuff has kept me away from the site, but we're back in business now. Now only if there were more for it. Pff. Least I can update the site and fix some pages.

Update: +3 New Stuff/Jordana, +5 Gift/Com w/ a commissioned TF sequence!


5/11/13: Slow, huh?

A small update, but an update anyway. The site can only be updated as frequent as the artists and writers would be creating for. There is enough to warrant an update, so let's go. Let me know if you see a few orientations being funny or if thumbnails are off? Dreamweaver had a bit of a hiccup while backing stuff up.

New Stuff: +3 Gift/Com, +3 Logs-Stories with a mature warning, and +1 Jim Boom with an audio TF collab by Moonbeast-AR!

1/15/13: Happy New Year!

It's been a busy few months for the lot of us in our site. Work, moving, and other junk put this aside. But now, we're back active and ready to do some works again!

New Stuff: +2 Gift/Com with a trade section established, +5 Jim Boom with 1 New Stuff being a video and Logs-Stories having an Essay, +1 Mostly Fun Stuff.

Also, be on the lookout for something exciting. It'll mean this site will be updated more often with exclusive works. Stay tuned.

7/13/12: More good stuff.

After a short amount of time, more pictures from Jordana!

New Stuff: +5 Jordana

7/5/12: Heck of a last few months.

Not much to say but the lack of updates were from lack of art. I wanted to wait a while until I had some, and fortunately there is. Old artists, new artists, would you want your art hosted here?

New Stuff: +2 Artists, Jordana and Mostly Fun Stuff! 1 new photomanip by Jim Boom-Growlithe.

Logs-Stories: A few by Jim Boom. Exclusive: Hssss- Sinead's Story. Includes new Jordana and Jirachi images

12/5/11-12/31/11: Let's see if I remember how to do this...

It's been 3 years since the website has been updated. 6 years since I touched HTML code. Hell I am not even sure this will cause such celebration. Despite those fears, my inspiration is back. Maybe I will get back friends, artists, and writers I lost over the years, having shown I am no longer a slouch. Maybe not. Maybe you remember me. Maybe you don't. If you do know me, know that the site will be clean again. This site exists to maintain what it has always been: TFs, Hybrids, stories, and to spread this Pokemon Hybrid concept out there. With the recent rise of gijinkas, let's see how this new chapter goes, ah?

It would seem that the below items have been missing for years. None of my backups can locate the missing files. If anybody does have them, it would be greatly appreciated.

Logs - Stories: Old Stories

Yiin: The Ancient Kingdom of Pokemonia, Chapters 1-10 & Venusaur TF

Jordana: Jordana's Story, Chapter 5

PKH Dex - Gallery: 2001-2005

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Two backups and I need to find where this is.Takiyas