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PKHT Jim Boom

Me in 1999-2000. I was 14? 15? That old Pentium 1 Acer is what I used for the site at 1999 until the site overhall TerrAriados made to look all snazzy in the mid 2000s. Sure looked... bishie then. And... thinner. Maybe DDR won't kill me to shed a few pounds.

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And this would be my first few years of work. Jeez, I know my more recent works are better than this.

TF Art: Oh boy. I have the notebooks in storage. Did these in early 2000.

TCG Manips: Attempted in mid 2000, they were a pair of RPers I used to know. Card layouts HERE.




PFs: PoKeHybrid Photomanips! Constant work from late 2000 to 2005.



Huh, never got around to make that Robyn to Chocobo Hybrid PF TF sequence... Maybe someday.