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Jim(myself)- My pics and pfs (doing commissions!).  My stories, here. 9/13/03 TF Sequence in progress? What me? x.x

Active Artists: o.O Look at all of the ppl who can draw better than me!

Killy The Fox-A fan showed me his pokemon TFs in TFC, now here he is with exclusiveness! 2/22/04 JimUPD.gif (3945 bytes) New Artist! 6 pics

Purple Kecleon-She showed up being a fan, and now she's heres. Sonic fan as well. 2/22/04 JimUPD.gif (3945 bytes) New Artist! 3 pics

Jordanna-RL name: Robyn.   Pics, writings. Does requests. You can mail her here. 2/22/04 JimUPD.gif (3945 bytes) 7 pics

TerrAriados-FF8 fan like me? Squaresoft fan like me? Nice. 2/22/04 JimUPD.gif (3945 bytes) 6 pics

Ureshii Alucard-Hellsing + Metallica fan. Made PKHs but called 'em PKMs. Cute and violent. His site's here. 2/22/04 JimUPD.gif (3945 bytes) 4 pics 

IveeChan-Sis of a certain someone. n.n 2/22/04 JimUPD.gif (3945 bytes)  4 pics

WildMew-Does most of her pics in MS Paint, cute 'n hyper. 2/22/04 JimUPD.gif (3945 bytes) 1 pic

Sparks-Another Lurker/Show story. I'm not the only one with a hiatus. 5/23/03 JimUPD.gif (3945 bytes) 5 pics

Char- Someone who I was loosely talking to by mail, now has his own computer. Stories. 9/13/03

Matt Raizoku-Malodramon from Stonegate's site, and has his own thing. Stories9/26/03

-Rainan-Raichu fan, o.o lives a half an hour away from me.  9/13/03

Takiyas-Someone who i've had pics for awhile, now released. 9/13/03

TransDragon-TF fan who has had a liking to my site. Startin' up... 7/10/03  

Possibly Discontinued Artists:

Singles-Artists that I...dun remember their names or never left any.  4/30/2002

KariAnn Dragona-TerrAriados' friend. Draws pics. o.o; I'm out of witty artist remarks! 5/23/03

Clarence The Hare-Artwork's alright, found him! Maybe new stuff upcoming, 4/30/2002

-Wolf-Max-One of my fave artists from the TF-Ring. I hold his old stuff. Good to know new Pokemon/Monster Rancher stuff soon...  1/5/2001

T.J.Anon- He has an intresting style, but no updates in 2 years... 1/17/2002

Wild-Fox-A friend of mine, from New Zealand. Talked recently as in a month ago. Words of the day: "Trillian sucks." 12/30/2000

Discontinued Artists:

(Unknown Artist)-Several pokehybrid pics made from a dead site I found. Whoever you are, thanks for the pics. 5/19/2001 If you ppl can find him/her who did these pics, i'd appreciate it very much...

Ashley Hill-How did I find her? Well, style resembles of Kaido Rakaen. And same fate.. 5/23/03

-Sideshow Lew-Mostly draws centaurs. Silent every time I try to reach him. IM me?  8/30/2002

-Phil Da Meowth-Lemon writer. Haven't talked to him in awhile...  4/30/2002

Yuri/Kawaii Alexi-Aspiring Rocket fan who draws. 1/19/2002

Silvair-A guy who creates Lv.1 PKHs. Gijinkas he calls them. 4/30/2002

TheBorg981-Has a site in Elfwood.com. Only drew these pics for me, then dropped taking requests. 

-MewFreeGirl-Art, here.  7/26/2002 Urge to delete rising, since she showed me an unicorn pic she colored, and labeled her own, and for the fact that her head has risen so far up her ass that she's blind. Tys Robyn for findin the pic comparing.