This website came up as a concept of mid-TFed humans to part Pokemon, floating in my head since September 1998, having just found out that I am a TF (transformation) fan. Barely had the internet then. Made a site in June of 2000, and made friends being so young, at 15. Things were going well until somewhere in 2004/2005. People grew out of the fandom, I got real lazy, and the update to the site in the late 2000s didn’t make for much. A hiatus happened, until I decided to get things back, and here we are.

PoKeHybrids? PoKeMorphs? Gijinkas? Werepokemon?

Back from one of the earliest affiliations in 2000, PoKeMorphs Anonymous, I was able to neatly identify what is a PoKeHybrid compared to PoKeMorphs. While Morphs are Pokemon shifted to be part human, Hybrids are humans transformed. The distinct difference is their feet being more humanistic than Morphs. Mental faculties and personalities can go any which way. An esthetic view for sure, but it worked.

Below is the backstory of PKHs based on a decade or so of writing and RPs. It’s the “Hybrid Theory” as I have coined it. Whether you’re here for stories, art, or both, please enjoy your stay.

A World Divided

As the story goes, Giovanni made a pact with Silph Co. in order to get funds to rise from a street gang to fully fledged organized crime. He implemented a detonation device strapped to a Ditto, making his former underlings lab rats, self-destructing it’s heart to make his matter a parasite, fueling change. The human body sees this substance as an infection and tries to fight it. This is why a transformation occurs. Once the victim is left to be a hybrid, it has assimilated the parasite, dubbed “Ditto Cyto”, and lives on with these new abilities and parts to them.

While Team Rocket has been reformed in recent times, many other organizations, public and secret, operate to try and harness the power of PKHs to satisfy their own needs. Ontop of this, there are enough lands where hybrids are segregated from humans. Fighting in public and in the shadows, a collective of shifters and hybrids strive to have peace in such a world.

A grassroots group, organized by a handful of people and hybrids, operates in the Pokemon world. The PKHTs: PoKeHybrid Trainers. Their goal- To help those whom would be transformed, cease experimentation on hybrids & humans, and bridge relations to human and hybrid alike. It’s been a long battle, but they continue to fight as hybrids are still forcefully created.

Hybrid Theory: The Significance of Ditto

Most PKHs exist due to a catyclismic event with substance known as Ditto Cyto- the cells of a Ditto with the instincts to transform. Modern times has this as a synthetic substance that doesn’t require a Ditto’s life to be lost, but the principal theory is the same.

Giving reference to the Mt. Moon scientist Seymour, a theory explains how all pokemon originated as Dittos. It states that Clefairy did not come to Earth on a Moon Stone meteor, but a bunch of Dittos did. Literately acting as primordial ooze, they saw the creatures of Earth as a basis for adapting within our habitat. Transforming is in their nature. Most of the alien lifeforms became all of the known Pokemon. The ones living comfortably had no need to adapt, and remained Ditto. All because they did not change, doesn’t mean they were helpless.

Their final defense mechanism upon death is the ability to transform- forcing their predator to become a Ditto. If a Ditto’s pink body is the same as a simple cell’s cytoplasm, then it’s organs would be the cell’s nucleus, hidden from human eyes. Upon death, the nucleus of the Ditto would burst, mixing with the cytoplasm of the body. Utilizing cellular differentation, akin to stem cells’ regenerative properties, they can alter the DNA and other cell characteristics of a lifeform to in effect, reproducing by infection. These cells give an order to the victim’s body: Transform or die.

Hybrid Theory: Human Transformation

Human contact with these cells, artificial or real, are different compared to animals and pokemon. They are a more complex organism. Humans taking these desperate cells would act like a parasite, triggering the adaptation to a Pokemon command from eons ago. The human immune system fights these changes, creating a PKH transformation. When the white blood cells make the invading organism reside in the heart of the victim, the former human is now a hybrid. The TF leaves an orb-shaped blob around the PKH’s heart, not unlike a Ditto but clearly visible. Depending on the strain of Ditto Cyto, it would grant the victim cosmetic changes such as Pokemon-like features, changes to personality, and/or or grant the supernatural abilities that their new Pokemon aspects can grant them. Complicated strains would enable shifting from human and hybrid form, as well as making a victim look nothing like as they were while human.