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When in between RPs, I take up to writing PKH TF stories. Depending on how things are, I work just enough or get something pretty dang good. As such, I have divided my writings from low tier, mid tier, and high tier. Enjoy.

God Tier- Novel Length

PKHT – Year 1 11/2020 (NEW!) NaNoWriMo entry of The Pokehybrid Trainer, and serving as a big foundation of the PKH world. Writing this is what inspired me to get everything back on track- the site, writing, and creativity. 55k words.

Top Tier- Excellent Quality

Dragonrage 3/15/2013 PKHT story; Made as a birthday gift for Oneiros– having her persona encounter PKH TFing as well as a bit of an adventure. Slight raunchy warning. Many pages long. It’s my best work since A Thirst For Knowledge.

Last Stand 2/15/2013 Raw RP log of a female turning to a full 100% physical and mental Golden Retriever. Suggested for mature audiences with the mental trauma and content. Long RP I did with someone. Not too long afterward, disappeared. Huh. If she wants this down, gladly. Otherwise, someone out there would enjoy this.

Hsss: Heeding Secret Selective Sanctions. 7/4/2012 Character Story of Sinead. Includes images never on the site before!

Frustration Exploration 6/25/2012 TF Story; RP Log Conversion, Tail/Foot Focus

That Which Is Lost [Ch1] [Ch2] 1/1/2009 Advance Wars: Days Of Ruin TF Fanfic. PKH focused, thought about reviving it some. Now with more writing down it could even be a NaNoWriMo deal.

A Thirst For Knowledge 3/7/2008 TF Story

Mid Tier- Standard Quality

Demure Doggy 3/15/2013 Weredog TF story. Originally a RP with the gal from Last Stand, she soon disappeared after making the intro to a story.

Transformation Rebellion 9/28/2012 Essay for resisting mental over-writing TFs.

Eclipse 6/2/2012 Alternate Take on a Werecreature; TF Story

Bestowing Grace 5/4/2012 Gift for Jirachi’s Birthday; TF Story

Differential Transformations 4/11/2012 Essay for willing TF Types

Cold Shower 11/10/2011 PKHT RP Log Conversion

Whack Weed-Whacking 10/25/2011 TF Story

Broken Wings 10/16/2011 PKHT RP Log Conversion

Dragonair’s Release 8/20/2010 POV TF Story, Tail Focus

Low Tier- Rushed Quality

Invoker 6/11/2012 TF Description

Weather Through The Storm 5/29/2012 TF Description. Variant for Photomanip sequence suggestion. Details about it, here.

Private Tutor 3/21/2012 TF Description

A Small Burst Of Energy 11/30/2011 TF Descripton, Tail Focus

Warm Blanket 11/10/2011 TF Description

Producing Perkiness 10/4/2011 TF Story

Ancient Stuff

Laura The Chimera Done by LunarKeys in 11/2009. MS Word .doc file.

Classic Texts 2001-2005 Here are where you can find old old stories from myself and others. Might see a bunch of old faces there.